Obama "data breach" bill ignores sensitivity of travel info
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 12
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 11
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 10
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 8
More on why I'm running for the board of the S.F. Bicycle Coalition
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 7
I'm a candidate for the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 6
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 5
Kashmir, self-determination, and human rights
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 4
"Travelers, say bon voyage to privacy"
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 3
Peak Travel: Envisioning a post-air-travel age
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 2
Is Google monopolizing flight and airfare search?
The Amazing Race 25, Episode 1
"Kashmiris: A Forgotten People", Oct. 2nd at Cornell University
CPUC denies rehearing of decision on SmartMeter opt-out fees
Business and pleasure in Cancún at the TBEX travel bloggers' conference
Responsible and sustainable travel
A visit to Hazebrouck
Key U.S. Senator questions airlines on privacy practices
"Disobedient Objects" exhibit at the V&A museum in London
US DOT defers ruling on airline plans for personalized pricing
Speaking at SXSW Eco in Austin, 6-8 Oct. 2014
T-Mobile USA international roaming prices
Bill Dalton on "The Founding of Moon Publications"
My objections to airlines' plan to "personalize" prices
"Can I see what information the feds have on my travel?"
US Dept. of Transportation OKs "personalized" airline ticket prices
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 12
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 11
Tell Congress not to legalize more deceptive airfare advertising
US Supreme Court rules on airlines and consumer protection
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 10 (European Bicycle Touring Resources)
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 8
"I use a Yahoo.com address, and I have a problem with your mailing list. What's up?"
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 7
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 6
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 5
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 4
Public questioning of US government on human rights
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 3
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 2
Book launch today for Julia Angwin's "Dragnet Nation"
The Amazing Race 24, Episode 1
Comments to the US Dept. of Transportation on airline pricing
Why would an airline pilot divert a flight to seek asylum?
"Have travelers lost the class war?"
What can be done about San Francisco police bias against bicyclists?
"US-Aktivist: Berlin tut gar nichts"
"They've given me a number..."
N.Y. Times editorial cites my reports from the "no-fly" trial
AA is (still) lying. DOT is (still) out for donuts.
Under new management: BootsnAll acquires Airtreks.com
Call for U.S. DOT to act on travel privacy
PG&E reverses "SmartMeter" opt-out charge after complaint to CPUC
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 10 (season finale)
"No-fly" trial in San Francisco this week
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 8
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 7 (FAQ: Riding Skills for Bicycle Travel)
"Ed Hasbrouck versus the TSA"
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 6 (FAQ: International Bicycle Travel)
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 5 (FAQ: Buying a Touring Bicycle)
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 4
"Security Check Now Starts Long Before You Fly"
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 3
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 2 (FAQ: Travel by Bicycle)
Bicyclists and the San Francisco police
The Amazing Race 23, Episode 1
How the NSA obtains and uses PNR data (airline reservations)
Why did the NSA hack an airline reservation system (when CBP already has root access)?
I'm on the TSA's list of its enemies.
Airlines claim they are already allowed to "personalize" prices
Consumer advocacy pays off in challenge to AA/US merger
USA approves new "long forms" for some passport applicants
While we were on the road...
The ride to the Atlantic ends in the Hub
The Amazing Race Canada
From the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River
Now departing for Cheyenne, Omaha, and points east
Apologies and Explanations
Matching of TripAdvisor and LinkedIn photos outs Accor hotel executive as shill
A train trip to Portland
"Consumer Privacy and Air Travel: Recommendations to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation"
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 10 (season finale)
DOT Advisory Committee on Consumer Protection to consider privacy of travel data
What's wrong with the airlines' proposal for "personalized" ticket prices?
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 9
Bad DHS idea of the day: Fees for crossing the USA-Canada land border
European parliamentarians question surveillance of air travellers
"Speak out now on the TSA's full-body scanners"
California legislature considers transit privacy and rules for motorists passing bicycles
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 8
"Mystery Computer Problem Grounds All AA Flights"
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7
"When you check in, your private information may be checked out"
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 6
"Travel Surveillance, Traveler Intrusion" at the Cato Institute
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 5
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 4
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 3
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 2
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 1
American Airlines is still bankrupt, and still lying
ACLU blog cites my research on DHS travel logs
"Mission Creep at the TSA?"
Travel is a right -- but does the U.S. government care?
Megabus will try again in California
"A Look at the 1997 Edition of The Practical Nomad"
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 10 (season finale)
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 8
Application for rehearing of CPUC decision on "SmartMeter" fees
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 7
Air Canada lies about government access to reservations
CPUC plans to reject my SmartMeter protest tomorrow
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 6
IATA announces plan for personalized airline ticket prices
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 5
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 4
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 3
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 2
Government Surveillance of Travellers
The Amazing Race 21, Episode 1
State Dept. admits impossible passport form was illegal, but still wants it approved
Chris Elliott: A "papers, please" society?
"Automated Targeting System" briefing Oct. 3rd in New York
"The draft and the politics of identity and status"
Speaking at "One World Travel Mart" in San Francisco on September 29th
Sabre CRS is down
Back on the bikes, with help from our friends
Flying over San Francisco Bay
CPUC doesn't seem to know the meaning of "service"
United Airlines grounded by CRS outage
eBay and Paypal change their terms to require users' consent to unlimited robocalls and text-message spam
Should public school students be compelled to wear radio tracking beacons?
Delta to close down Comair: A portent of things to come?
At the end of my lawsuit, what have we learned about DHS travel surveillance?
How not to "reach out" to travel bloggers
Human rights in Kashmir and the USA
Kashmiri-American human rights advocate to be imprisoned by the USA
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 11 (Season Finale)
Perceptive Travel reviews the 5th edition of "The Practical Nomad"
Marin County cites my protest as basis for motion to halt PG&E "SmartMeter" deployment
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 10
What do authors fear from "Orphan Works" licensing proposals?
European Parliament approves PNR agreement with the US. What's next?
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 9
PG&E "SmartMeter" opt-out fees are suspended
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 8
Flawed California bill (SB 1464) would endanger bicyclists
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 7
CPUC withdraws approval of PG&E "SmartMeter" opt-out fees
Facts and Fallacies of "Orphan Works"
Bug report
Work in progress
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 6
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 5
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 4
Another "Passport Day" tomorrow
PG&E twists "SmartMeter" opt-out into involuntary opt-in to higher fees
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 3
Google is now hosting airline reservations (PNR's)
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 2
The Amazing Race 20, Episode 1
Major US Federal aviation bill enacted: 3 steps forward, 2 steps back for travellers
KLM wants you to make the DHS your friend on Facebook
US State Dept. finalizes passport fee increases, continues to ignore human rights complaints
"Will American's Layoffs Add to Flier Grief?" (Yes.)
Is the advertised price too good to be true? No. (Part 2 of 2)
Is the advertised price too good to be true? Yes. (Part 1 of 2)
Review of "The Practical Nomad" by Wayne Bernhardson
Watch for a check like this in the mail!
First rulings in my lawsuit over DHS travel records
Bicycle routes through Brisbane, California
TSA is expanding its "PreCheck" (pre-crime) traveller registration scheme
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 11
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 10
American Airlines and American Eagle are bankrupt
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 8
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 7
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 6
Now in stores! 5th Edition of "The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World"
Upcoming events in Europe
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 3
"Bankruptcy talk rattles American Airlines' frequent fliers"
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 2
The Amazing Race 19, Episode 1
"Passport Day in the USA" tomorrow
After more than a year, my first day in court
Is travel safer today than 10 years ago? No.
Kashmiri-American leader charged with failing to register as a "Foreign Agent"
NoPNR.org: "Why should I care about PNR?"
Testimony to BART's Board of Directors
5th edition of "The Practical Nomad: How To Travel Around The World" available for pre-ordering
Hearing on my lawsuit against DHS postponed to September 15th
My reply to DHS claims that travel dossiers are exempt from the Privacy Act
DHS reply to my arguments for release of travel records
Radio tour of Canada Monday
My arguments for disclosure of US government travel surveillance records
Video from CFP: "A Clash of Civilizations?"
Lessons for travellers from the United Airlines computer outage
DHS moves to dismiss my Privacy Act lawsuit for PNR data
Speaking at "Computers, Freedom, and Privacy" conference
Growing opposition to U.S. access to European airline reservations
The Amazing Race Australia
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 10
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 9 (travel insurance)
Form DS-5513: Proposed "Biographical Questionnaire" for (some) passport applicants
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 8
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 7
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 6
USA "Passport Day" scheduled for tomorrow CANCELLED
Government puts antitrust conditions on Google-ITA Software deal -- but does nothing to protect consumers
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 5 (Tea in China and India)
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 4 (two-part episode)
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 3
Liveperson says: "I have not taken the Turing test."
Would you like a side order of speculation with your airline ticket?
Phil Keoghan of "The Amazing Race" reports from Christchurch after the earthquake
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 2
NBC Today Show looks into "shills" and fake reviews
Coming soon: New edition of "The Practical Nomad"
Included in the "Travel 10" of the inaugural "SAY 100" voices that shape opinion
The Amazing Race 18, Episode 1
What you see is what you get: Yemen
Bill introduced to limit draft registration to "national emergencies"
"Airline Passenger Profiling: Back From the Grave?"
A new country to count
Airline ticket price transparency
Travel "shills" back in the news
Reporting live from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Holiday in Havana? Not yet.
Interviews with Antiwar.com and KPFK radio
Entering radio silence
Quoted here and there
First court hearing in my lawsuit against DHS
Government's answer to my lawsuit: Deny everything, and claim that nobody has any rights
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 12 (Season Finale)
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 11
Off to Albuquerque on Amtrak
Testifying today to the Canadian Parliament
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 10
Holiday air travel updates and advice
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 8
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 7
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 6
DHS Privacy office ordered TSA not to respond to my FOIA request
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 5
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 4 (Volunteering Abroad)
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 3
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 2
The Amazing Race 17, Episode 1
Foreign tourists and travellers as witnesses for human rights
Relations between travel bloggers and travel marketers and publicists
Thanks for your support!
Why I'm suing the Department of Homeland Security
US-DOT revising airline consumer protection rules
Mexicana Airlines is bankrupt
Washington Post: "Secure Flight may be making your privacy less secure"
Are air travel taxes refundable even if the airfare isn't?
Travel Bloggers Show in Orlando, 11-14 September
Google buys ITA Software (Part 3: What's it mean for travellers?)
Google buys ITA Software (Part 2: What does ITA Software do?)
Google buys ITA Software (Part 1: The back story)
USA State Dept. brushes off critics, raises passport fees
BATW discussion of "Ethics & Etiquette of Travel Writing"
European cooperation with US dataveillance
Lufthansa says they aren't responsible for their agents and contractors
"How Can Creators Get a Fair Deal in the Digital World?"
Bill in US Congress threatens availability of prepaid SIM cards
Are common carriers allowed to "personalize" prices?
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 12
European Parliament stands up to DHS on freedom of movement
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 11
Arizona radio call-in discussion on ID and "immigration" law
European air travel after Eyjafjallajokull
NWU comments on intellectual property enforcement
Podcast on "Passenger Name Records" (PNR)
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 10
Home again, home again
DHS still trying to mislead Europeans about its use of PNR data
A lesson from Berlin to take to Strasbourg
European airport closures and flight cancellations
Workshop on PNR data at Re:Publica (Berlin)
Passenger Name Records (PNR) in practice: a case study
Testimony to Members of the European Parliament
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 7
European discussions on PNR and CRS privacy
The most dangerous things on airplanes? Bags falling from the overhead bins.
Passport Day in the USA this Saturday, March 27th
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 6
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 5
The science and art of signage and "wayfinding"
A great blog writer's advice on "How to Write"
ICANN's most recent answers to my questions
Airlines, travel agencies, Congress join public outcry against passport fees
ICANN's Board of Directors still doesn't get it
What ICANN needs to do to clean up its act
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 4
The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. But is the airfare lower?
Bill introduced in U.S. Congress to end Cuba travel ban
"Edward Hasbrouck's World's Travel Worsts"
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 3 (Earthquake in Chile)
USA raising fees for both inbound and outbound travellers
Arguments for writers' rights at the Google Books settlement hearing
USA ends Syria travel "warning" but keeps financial sanctions
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 2
ICANN loses an arbitration but still stonewalls on compliance with its bylaws
The Amazing Race 16, Episode 1
Willie Weir in Oakland and Sacramento
What to expect if you are going to the Olympics in Vancouver
"Google will bring books back to life" (Not.)
Missed connections
Readers' interests lie with writers, not with publishers
JetBlue's switch to Sabre: What's it mean to you?
My reply to Larry Lessig on the proposed Google Books settlement
Kindle and Google Books "ripping" apps released
Why the NWU thinks the proposed Google Books settlement is unfair
The Google Book Settlement: What's in it for writers?
Lessons from the case of the man who set his underpants on fire
New year, new airline bankruptcy, same old lies
Regional airlines lie about codesharing in USA Today op-ed
TSA Screening Management Procedures
Appeals filed in credit/ATM card foreign currency fee lawsuit
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 11 (hotel price forecast)
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 10
"Keeping Track of Travelers' Personal Information"
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 8 (Health care reform & travel)
Prelude to PhoCusWright 2009
Revised proposal for a settlement of the Google Books copyright infringement lawsuit
A message to publicists, marketers, and salespeople
Travel Forum in Boston on Friday, November 20th
Kindle for Windows: Now you can read "The Practical Nomad" on your PC
Clarification and commentary on new FTC advertising and endorsement rules
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 7
Chase joins "Hall of Shame" for credit card terms and conditions
Travelling in Mexico despite drug violence, swine flu
Consumer groups call for action on travel privacy
Travellers short-changed in currency conversion fee decision
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 6
"The Practical Nomad" Kindle Edition (e-book for Kindle, iPhone, or iPod Touch)
Consumer privacy, travel records, and the FTC
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 5
New FTC rules on disclosure of sponsorships, freebies, and discounts
Federal airline consumer protection agenda
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 4
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 3
Work interrupted by bombing and strafing
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 2
"New ICANN agreement runs into criticism"
"How an airline's bankruptcy might affect travelers"
The Amazing Race 15, Episode 1
Charlie Leocha: "Flight attendants -- unsung heroes"
"The Amazing Race 15" starts Sunday, 27 September 2009
KQED's "Forum" on Google Books settlement Tuesday
How "Afar" do travellers want to go?
"The Practical Nomad" coming soon to Kindle and iPhone
NPR's "All Things Considered" on Google Books settlement
How "typical" is long-term travel?
Hostelling International - USA open houses
Google Books and writers' rights
Should you buy an "All-You-Can-Jet" pass?
New "experiential travel" magazine launches today: "Afar"
Travel writing resources
More FAQ's about "Secure Flight"
Pecha Kucha for travellers
Google finally starts a travel guide service, sort of
Mentions here and there
Your chance to be heard on fees for foreign currency card usage
Shills on travel Web sites
"Clear" shuts down its registered-traveller system
"Enhancing" the drivers license
Congress to vote on virtual strip searches at airports
"Today we're all prisoners in the USA"
Jeff Farias radio show today
Update on currency conversion fee lawsuit
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 11
What does Air France do with reservation data?
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 10 (China travel and more on online hotel discounts)
"Secure Flight" data formats added to the AIRIMP
Times Online: "Best business travel blogs"
In case you missed this news report
New developments in government control of travelers in the USA
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 9 (Online hotel discounts)
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 8
Aviation and the environment
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 7
More crazy credit-card terms and conditions: Capital One
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 6 (Flights in BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India, and China)
AmEx continues to spam me ... after closing my account
Air France puts digital fingerprints in RFID boarding passes
"All Things Considered" on RFID chips in passports
NYTimes.com on changes to AmEx cardholder terms
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 5 (Trains in Russia, India, and China)
Travel reading, travel writing, and the public library
Cruise shills outed by their proud puppet-masters
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 4
Say it ain't so, Chuck Schwab
"Notes from the Electronic Cottage"
Still trying to get answers from ICANN
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 3
AmEx cancelled my card. Now what should I do?
Lawsuit over fees for card use abroad still not settled
"Pecha Kucha Night San Francisco Vol. 31"
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 2 (Flights within Europe)
Urgent warning to American Express cardholders
The Amazing Race 14, Episode 1 (Trains in Europe)
Drive-by reader for RFID drivers licenses and passport cards
Solomon Amendment found unconstitutional
My debut on Youtube
Reminder: Talk tonight in San Francisco
How to request your travel records
ICANN prepares to renew the ".aero" top-level domain
Quick trip to Brussels
"World Travel In Troubled Economic Times"
"The Amazing Race" resumes February 15th
New film about Kashmir: "Jashn-e-Azadi"
OFAC, banks, and Syria travel sanctions
China rolls back the worst of its visa rule changes
"The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace"
Crossposting at PapersPlease.org
Can you really see what records are kept about your travel?
More travel "reality" on primetime television
TSA to require bar-coded boarding passes
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 11
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 10
KCBS: Holiday travel bargains?
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 8
"Secure Flight" and the Right to Travel
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 7
"Nine perfect ways to prepare for the End of Bush"
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 6
"The Practical Nomad" in National Geographic magazines
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 5
Radio hour today on "Secure Flight"
Secure Flight, "Watch-List Service Providers", and more
5 years of the "Practical Nomad" blog
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 4
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 3
Another one bites the dust (Sun Country Airlines)
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 2
The Amazing Race 13, Episode 1
Some places I recommend
"The Amazing Race" resumes this Sunday
New look
Obama, McCain, and draft registration ("Selective Service")
New China visa rules
Foreigners now need USA permission to leave their home countries
There's no place like home
Another round of illegal USA travel controls
6 continents; 27 countries; 70,000 miles
Nonstop flights between Asia and Latin America
AP and Chicago Tribune review new edition of "The Practical Nomad"
.travel registry sold -- again
Money for travellers from class action lawsuit
Will you really need a "Real-ID" to fly?
New travel document requirements for USA citizens
Blacklisted by AOL
Back in Brussels
Deadline for public comment on "Secure Flight" extended to 21 November
Results of requests for my "targeting" records
Public hearing in Washington on "Secure Flight"
4th edition of "The Practical Nomad" available for pre-ordering
E-mail server move
German press on airline reservation privacy
Welcome to the students of English House, Buenos Aires
ICAO schedules next workshop on RFID passports and biometrics
Another USA-EU "agreement" on airline reservations
Air travel and global warming
Revised USA government schemes for traveller surveillance and control
KLM claims it doesn't know what happens with passengers' data
"Automated Targeting System" redux
We're off on a trip around the world!
ICANN posts procedures for independent review and information disclosure
USA government refuses to learn from passport problems
Report from Iran
.travel registry near death
Does the Chicago Convention authorize government demands for PNR's? No.
Chertoff pledges to prosecute crimes against the Privacy Act
Who will police the privacy police?
Did Chertoff lie to the European Parliament?
TSA shows how well it protects personal data
USA-EU "Open Skies" agreement signed but won't go to the Senate
While I was away
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 12
"Your Reputation Precedes You" (CFP 2007)
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 11
Limitations of review of ICANN's transparency and accountability
Identity Project comments on European Union CRS regulations
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 10
"Bottom Line Personal" on travel insurance
What's wrong with "Open Skies"?
On Internet radio Wednesday; in New York next Wednesday
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 9
Privacy advice for travel managers
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 8
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 7
Correction in the Wall Street Journal
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 6
European Parliament hearing on PNR's
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 5
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 4
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 3
Europe reconsidering rules for reservation systems
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 2
The Amazing Race 11 (All-Star Edition), Episode 1
Un/Welcome in Washington
Radio hour in L.A.
New USA passport rules frustrate last-minute travellers
Avalon Publishing to be acquired by Perseus Books
RFID passports in the wild in the USA
More illegalities in the "Automated Targeting System"
Eric Weinberger, RIP
On the air in L.A.
Congress, EU, and businesses question "targetting" of travellers
More skeletons in ICANN's closet
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 12
Half a million people denied their right to travel
ICANN reveals they secretly rejected one of my requests
Chertoff thinks it's "righteous" to give each traveller a terror score
USA to continue targetting travellers
Fallout from illegal "targetting" of travellers
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 11 ("Automated Targeting System")
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 10
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 9
Consumer Reports' tips for holiday flying
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 8
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 7
TSA says their press releases are secret
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 6
PASS card: RFID "passport light"
Time for Europeans to ask for your travel records
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 5
Permission to travel
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 4
ICANN again ducks questions on independent review
No change in USA rules for airfare advertising
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 3
Airlines and CRS's violating European privacy laws -- again
Governments prepare to log travellers' movements on passport chips
Traveller registration redux
"Kip Hawley is an idiot."
Passports for travel between the USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 2
ICANN's President tells Congress, "We have an established system for review"
Resources for solo travellers
"Forecasting The Best Airfare: Is It Possible?"
Where are we now?
The power of travel blogs
The Amazing Race 10, Episode 1
This is a song about the draft. (Not.)
USA-EU dispute over PNR access escalates
USA denies its citizens their right of return
Fingerprints, photographs, and dossiers on USA "green card" holders
European debate on airline reservation data
Bankrupt airlines and cancelled flights
Freedom to travel as a human right
What's on the horizon in travel security/surveillance?
Airlines and CRS's squabble over who owns travellers' reservations
Advice on today's changes in airline carry-on rules
USA Supreme Court asked to rule on secrecy of law restricting freedom of travel
RFID passports cloned and shown to be poorly shielded
"Papers, please!"
Interview with Eons.com on "Travel around the world"
ICAO acknowledges risks of RFID passport "session keys"
TSA report on what happened to me at Dulles Airport
Why was I detained by police at Dulles Airport?
Questions for the ICANN President's Strategy Committee
DHS (doesn't) want comments on costs of passenger manifest rules
MT-Preview plugin with MT 3.3
Dialogue with the TSA Privacy Officer
USA proposes to reduce IATA's exemption from antitrust law
"Cheap vacations for broke procrastinators"
Comments to NTIA on ICANN's (lack of) transparency and oversight
ICANN moves to renew SITA sponsorship of .aero
New York Times on changing money
Forward-looking statements
As seen in the Wall Street Journal
GAO auditors still grade Secure Flight "incomplete"
Airlines object to traveller registration scheme
SITA responds to my objections to ".aero" renewal
Privacy advice to the Department of Homeland Security
AIRIMP requires airlines to accept more detailed passenger data
Expedia auditors lose laptop with customer credit card numbers
DHS Privacy Committee hearing in San Francisco today
Technical difficulties
Unanswered questions at Dulles Airport
"Flying the friendlier skies?"
EU- USA "agreement" and "findings" on airline reservation data transfers are invalid
Another request for independent review of ICANN in the works
Can I still get a USA passport without an RFID chip?
"National Strategy To Combat Terrorist Travel"
Decision due 30 May 2006 on USA-EU "agreement" on airline passenger data
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 11
Identity theft from a discarded boarding pass
Window of opportunity for travel to North Korea (DPRK) by USA citizens
KGO-TV on frequent flyer miles
AP on summer air travel
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 8 ("Registered Traveler")
"Independent Review Provider" has never heard of ICANN
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 7
USA military prepares to recall retired soldiers to active duty
TSA picks new propagandist and privacy director
Newsweek travel tip sheet: "A Vacation Well Spent"
ICANN and I: the saga so far
Workshops on the draft in S.F., N.Y., and D.C.
Secretary of Homeland Security admits doubts on background checks
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 6
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 5
Thank you for your support
Amazing Race fans, reset your clocks.
ICANN and the press
Business Week on rising airfares
ICANN public forum today
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 4
ICANN action. (Not.)
Sacramento Bee review of "How To Travel Around the World"
Jon Carroll on the educational value of a trip around the world
M.V. Queen of the North
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 3
Wired News on airport searches
European legislators challenge secrecy of report on PNR privacy
What's behind the TSA's witness tampering?
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 2
Oregonian and Kansas City Star on "country collectors"
Who is watching the watchers?
The Amazing Race 9, Episode 1
"The Amazing Race 9" starts Tuesday; "Amazing Race Asia" applications open
".travel" sponsor on the defensive
BellaOnline review of "The Practical Nomad"
No refund on Northwest Airlines if you won't produce ID
Taylor Branch on tour for Black History Month
ICANN's "Manager of Public Participation" hired away by al-Jazeera
Are incomplete "prices" in airline advertisements misleading?
USA Senate hearing on "Registered Traveler" and "Secure Flight"
Reasons for travel writing and publishing
Request for ICANN Board action on independent review
Request for action by ICANN's "At-Large Advisory Cmmittee"
More evasions from ICANN
Tilting at ICANN's windmills
Thank you for reading!
Downtown parking and land use priorities
RFID passport logo (or "mark of the beast"?)
Encrypted RFID passport data intercepted and cracked
Government subsidies to airlines
Court says Google's distribution of "cached" Web pages is "fair use"
USA Court of Appeals ruling on airline ID requirements
New excuse for travel surveillance: medical quarantine
Snail-mail from ICANN
USA government goal: Gather and use "Travel Intelligence"
U.S. war resisters in Canada; "Omega" art exhibit in S.F.
MovableType on Yahoo Web hosting
Controlled flight into terrain
L.A. Times on airline vouchers
Friday the 13th?
Web and e-mail problems
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 10
Another earthquake on Northern Pakistan border
Bankrate.com on bankrupt airlines
ICANN procedures for independent review
Appeals Court hearing on airline ID requirement
Blog-based articles in print
Court hearings and rallies this week for the right to travel
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 9
Statement to the ICANN Board of Directors
ICANN agrees to allow an independent review of its lack of transparency
ICANN admits it overruled its own evaluators' recommendation against ".travel"
Travel ID events at MIT, 5 December 2005
EU Court advisory opinion against USA access to airline reservation data
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 8
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 7
Independence Air is bankrupt
"Pacifists for War" and the draft?
"Medical Reserve Corps" collecting names ... for a medical draft?
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 6
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 5 (RFID passports)
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 4
Travel talk Friday in Modesto
Upcoming S.F. Bay Area draft resistance events
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 3
"Spot the Terrorist"
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 2
USA requires passenger details from international airlines
".travel" launched. ICANN still ignores my request for stay.
"Passport to the World Festival" in San Francisco
"International Perspectives on Privacy and Homeland Security"
The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition), Episode 1
Miami Herald on frequent-flier miles
Update on traveller registration programs
".travel" on verge of launch despite my request for stay
"The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition" broadcasts start this Tuesday; "The Amazing Race 1" on DVD
Lies from "my" lawyers in copyright class action lawsuit
USA Today on holiday flights
Whither "Secure Flight"?
United Airlines to move its reservation database to Amadeus
New class action against Google for infringement of book copyrights
Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines are bankrupt
Update on electronic copyright infringement
RIP: Kepler's Bookstore
"On the Frontlines" conference in Berkeley
Life Outside the Mainframe
Opera Web browser giveaway today
ICANN claims to think I've given up on independent review
Airline bankruptcy fears in the news
Last-minute lobbying on California RFID bill
ICAO standards and Chicago Convention amended to require machine-readable passports by 2010
Update on airline codesharing
Update on RFID passports and traveller tracking
Update on "Secure Flight"
Update on ".travel"
Back from Southern Africa
".travel" registry policies posted
".travel" TLD moving forward despite my request for independent review
Moving to new Web host
Academic publishers question Google copyright infringement
Addition of ".travel" TLD to Internet root name servers
Continuing the discussion with ICANN on ".travel"
"Openness and transparency" of ICANN meetings
No deep pockets for ".travel" buyer
Response from ICANN to (some of) my requests on ".travel"
".travel" contract signed. Contractor sold.
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 10
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 9
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 8
International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance
Follow-up to CFP debate on RFID passports
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 7
Blog entry notification problems
"The Practical Nomad" gets honorable mention from BATW
RFID passports at CFP
What I want from ICANN on ".travel"
Travel ID and the Travel Panopticon
Request for independent review of ".travel"
Requests to ICANN on "travel"
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 6
Comments on USA rules for RFID passports
Questions for ICANN about ".travel"
ICANN reveals ".travel" sponsor is a front for IATA
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 5
Auditors question TSA use of airline reservations
Deadlines loom for RFID tracking chips in USA passports
Anti-draft movement begins to come together
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 4
FBI releases details of its files of airline reservations
"The Draft Debate Heats Up"
Travel writing contests and conferences
AFP sues Google for copyright infringement
"Around the World in Eight Days"
"Identification and Anonymity of Travellers" at CFP
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 3
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 2
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 1 (airline codesharing)
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 11
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 10
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 9 (travel advice and lessons from the tsunami in the Indian Ocean)
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 8
Airport connections in Hong Kong
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 7
Safe and sound in Dongguan, China
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 6
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 5
RFID and biometric passports move forward despite objections
"Privacy and Human Rights 2004" published
Congress enacts comprehensive travel surveillance law
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 4
Global day of action for Bhopal
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 3
Web site defaced. Blog frozen.
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 2
Who will really run the ".travel" domain?
The Amazing Race 6, Episode 1
TSA orders USA airlines to turn over June 2004 reservations
Does "behaviorial profiling" have to be racist to be wrong?
ACLU files suit against "behavioral profiling" at Logan Airport
OMB approves data demand for "Secure Flight" testing
First public peek at the work of the TSA "Ombudsman"
What's next for "Secure Flight" testing?
Iran to join reciprocal fingerprinting of USA visitors
Hearing in Seattle on challenge to no-fly list
New York Times on "Getting off a watch list"
EU follows USA on surveillance of travellers
Pelosi begs my question on the draft
ATA Airlines is bankrupt
"Registered Terrorists"
Travel advice from Neal Stephenson
Robert Young Pelton on "The Practical Nomad"
Rick Steves on the value of travel
Comments on "Secure Flight" testing and data dump
Approbation and Ignominy
Red Sox Nation
The Amazing Race 6 broadcasts to start Tuesday, 16 November 2004
"Expats make better citizens of the world"
Military draft becomes a campaign issue
RFID passport data won't be encrypted
Time to get a new USA passport
USA airports and TSA adopt Israeli-style profiling
Bush, Kerry, Nader respond to questions on the draft
Senate votes to reassure, but not protect, holders of tickets on bankrupt airlines
Coalition opposes restrictions on travel freedom and privacy
TSA revives dormant air transport industry advisory panel
"Secure Flight" comments due by Monday, 25 October 2004
TSA requests bids for "Secure Flight" tests
Google joins Amazon in e-book plagiarism?
USA House votes down military draft. So what?
Ferry passenger searches challenged
ICANN publishes non-strategy for new domain names
Take your own "21st Century Grand Tour"
Disparate treatment for airline lenders
German privacy czar recommends minimizing data in PNR's
How to apply for "The Amazing Race"
More airlines on the brink of bankruptcy or liquidation
UK announces "Semaphore" traveller surveillance scheme
India and Pakistan may allow each other's tourists
US-VISIT tracking extended to all except USA and Canadian citizens
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 12
TSA reveals some details of Secure Flight
No mention of "Secure Flight" in Ridge talks with the EU
"Secure Flight" to be subject to same oversight as CAPPS-II
USA Dept. of Transportation dismisses complaint against Northwest Airlines for breach of privacy and lying
The Amazing Race comes to Canada
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 11
US Airways joins United, Hawaiian in bankruptcy
Low business class fares from USA to Europe
Senators propose sweeping "travel surveillance" scheme
Another airline bankruptcy may be imminent
Army says use of jetBlue reservations didn't violate Privacy Act
Interview in Motionsickness magazine
Ridge admits all air travellers may have to register with the government
New blog by Ryan Singel
Appeal of decision on airline ID demands
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 10
"Secure Flight" succeeds CAPPS-II
Willie Weir: "What Is Adventure?"
National Geographic Society panel 22 September
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 9
Special broadcast time for "The Amazing Race" this week
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 8
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 7
See you in September
Congress sets hearings on transportation security
AIRIMP adds support for additional passenger data
Ridge: "Aggressive schedule" for new CAPPS-II
"This 'Privocrat' Believes In the Freedom to Travel"
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 6
9/11 Commission recommends "Targeting travel"
ACLU targets airlines' role in the "Surveillance-Industrial Complex"
"Crossing The Lines: Kashmir, Pakistan, India"
CAPPS-II defenders won't give up
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 5
Practical Nomad night at Airtreks.com in San Francisco
RSS feed now has full articles instead of excerpts
"Identity is Front and Center at the Airport"
CAPPS-II overseer finally gets the spotlight
Preliminary injunction against MBTA bag searches denied
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 4
Federal judge takes MBTA passenger searches "under advisement"
The Amazing Race 7 applications open through 11 August 2004
Hearing tomorrow on challenge to MBTA dragnet
"How to Travel Around the World" reviewed in the Chicago Tribune
NLG to challenge MBTA searches
False, incomplete "Privacy Statement" on PNR access by USA Homeland Security Dept.
ACLU asks Ridge, "Is CAPPS-II Dead?" and "What's Next?"
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 3
Diplomatic protests at DHS orders against Pakistani-Americans
European privacy authorities respond to EU decision on PNR access by the USA
Editorial calls for new travel privacy law
"Throw Momma from the train" (reprise)
CAPPS-II is dead. Long live CAPPS-II!
CAPPS-II to be renamed and/or merged into traveller registration program
"Throw Momma from the train"?
TSA admits CAPPS-II "back to the drawing board"
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 2
The Amazing Race 6 filming underway now or soon
Road Trip Russia
"Agreement" and "Undertakings" on PNR transfers published by USA and EU
MBTA board ignores continued protests of passenger stops and searches
The world as viewed from Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada
My mother the terrorist
Today, police dogs on buses. Tomorrow, bagels and coffee, too.
Don't register to fly.
The Amazing Race 5, Episode 1
Security expert criticizes US-VISIT
Eyewitness to the final episode of "The Amazing Race 5"
"It's still a wonderful world."
Weather Forecast for Thursday: Tea in Boston Harbor
Will the USA reinstate a military draft?
Privacy and Human Rights
"Flight Risk" Friday on KPFA Morning Show
TSA lawyers reportedly willing to negotiate on CAPPS-II
T Riders Union, Rider Oversight Committee join opposition to MBTA searches
Rally against MBTA bag searches
European Parliament president brings suit against PNR transfers to the USA
National Lawyers Guild advises MBTA passengers on right not to consent to search
Consumer groups call on USA-EU summit to protect air travel data privacy
More from the TSA on its CAPPS-II plans
TSA names more airlines, CRS's that turned over reservations for CAPPS-II tests
Meanwhile, back in Boston...
More mandatory surprise warrantless searches of Amtrak passengers
Marshmallow mis-arrest showcases risk of reliance on DHS watch lists
Backlash against Supreme Court's Hiibel decision
USA Supreme Court upholds demand for traveller's name
USA Senate schedules hearings on aviation security
Updated FAQ on dealing with bankrupt airlines
Europarl party leaders endorse challenge to PNR agreement and adequacy finding
USA government requires airline passenger licenses
Europarl committee votes to bring new challenge to USA access to airline reservation data
Federal judge orders review of TSA secrecy about "No-Fly List"
USA starts negotiations with Switzerland on access to airline passenger data
Same old lies from the DHS about CAPPS-II
G-8 plans air travel data sharing
Europarl special meeting on legality of PNR transfers to USA
Back from the dead
"Welcome to America"
Draft Registration and Draft Resistance
US-VISIT prime contract for up to US$10 billion goes to Accenture
CAPPS-II may be "phased in gradually", says DHS
Will There Be A Draft? What Can You Do About It?
E-book bootlegs from Amazon.com showing up on Kazaa and IRC
DHS, European Commission sign "deal" on airline reservations
"I am an old man and I am just speaking feebly and not too well"
Dave Dellinger, Presente
DHS doesn't require transit passenger ID checks -- BART police chief
Broken links to European Union documents
Another data aggregator got airline reservations
"U.S. Nearing Deal on Way to Track Foreign Visitors"
Alaskans to Sue over CAPPS-II
Mixed reaction to police stops and ID checks on Mass. transit
Police to begin warrantless ID stops of Boston-area subway and streetcar passengers
USA Congressional hearing on biometric identification of travellers
Europarl leaders rip European Commission "deal" with the USA on airline reservations
European Commission declares USA travel privacy non-protection "adequate"
Biometric ID cards
ICAO ignores critics, keeps moving toward biometric/RFID passport standard
USA backs away from promise to respect European Parliament vote on airline data transfers
TSA announces more airport surveillance, biometric/RFID tests
More details on airline, CRS, and USA government data "sharing"
"No means no": Europarl again refuses to approve airline data transfers to the USA
Harvard panel 13 May on international ID and human rights
Choicepoint CEO opposes CAPPS-II
Europarl want legal opinion on airline data transfers. USA wants another vote.
More fallout from American Airlines' CAPPS-II testing scandal
Congress has questions about rail passenger searches
Travel agents join opposition to CAPPS-II
USA to start searching rail passengers
".travel" comment period closes, then is extended
Fare fraud on the Airtrain to JFK Airport
Registered Traveler / Trusted Traveler juggernaut
National Radio Project on "Courage Under Fire: Resistance to War"
"Travel Data and Privacy" forum tonight at CFP
American Airlines confirms reservations used in CAPPS-II tests
The Amazing Race 6 auditions in San Francisco tomorrow
Google's "Gmail" tempting, but dangerous
More Europarl opposition to giving airline data to the USA
TSA requests proposals for "Registered Traveller" program
Europarl committee recommends against PNR data sharing with USA, biometric passports
Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
Class-action lawsuit challenges USA "No-Fly" list
Labor Tech 2004 denounces surveillance of travellers and transportation workers
The Amazing Race 5 broadcast dates scheduled
USA wants to extend fingerprinting and photographing to all visitors except Canadians
Parliament rejects mandate for airlines to give European governments access to reservations
ICAO session concludes early after finalizing passport and reservation standards
RFID chips to be used to track airline passengers and baggage
European Parliament rejects travel data "deal" with the USA
Record on CAPPS-II hearing closes today
International privacy coalition calls for halt to ICAO biometric/RFID passport plans
Public radio report on CAPPS-II features tired TSA lies
European Parliament to vote on transfer of PNR data to the USA
USA to world musicians and artists: "Keep out!"
TSA appoints its first privacy officer
"Travel Data and Privacy" session on CFP 2004 agenda
USA Supreme Court hears argument on ID case
Application for ".travel" top-level Internet domain name renewed
House hearing on CAPPS-II shows continued TSA distortions, growing airline concerns
Europarl committee recommends rejection of travel data "deal" with the USA
Congress to hear today from opponents of CAPPS-II
Want privacy? Don't fly Northwest Airlines.
USA government commission seeks public comment on travel to Cuba
CAPPS-II hearing rescheduled
European Parliament reaffirms rejection of USA demands for airline reservations
Witnesses selected for House hearing on CAPPS-II
Proposal in the European parliament to reject transfer of PNR's to the USA
"Nightmare of CAPPS II far from becoming reality"
Office and phone number moving day
The Amazing Race 5 filming completed
TSA finally starts talking to travel execs about CAPPS-II
DHS Privacy Officer releases report on jetBlue Airways scandal
Congressional hearing on CAPPS-II set for 11 March 2004
Call for Congressional hearings on CAPPS-II and travel privacy
DHS spin doctors respond to GAO critique of CAPPS-II
"Government Data Rules Eliminate Hope of Privacy for US Air Travelers"
Why CAPPS-II would cost a billion dollars
"CAPPS II Faces Massive Technical Challenges"
40 members of Congress call for CAPPS-II delay or suspension
GAO report on CAPPS-II released
Most useful languages for world travel
"Big business joins fight against new airport screening"
AP, UPI say the GAO will give "thumbs down" on CAPPS-II
CAPPS-II director "retires" on eve of GAO audit report
House, Senate members call for action on travel privacy
"Last-minute travel: Does it pay to wait?"
E-mail hints at use of jetBlue Airways reservations for Total Information Awareness
Newly revised and updated 3rd edition of "The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World" now in bookstores
US Airways may be liquidated.
"EU Commission plots global travel surveillance system"
Many questions, few answers on jetBlue scandal
Whatever you do, don't call 911
Bush boosts CAPPS-II budget in face of growing opposition
"Undertakings" by the USA on use of reservation data
Complaint filed against KLM in the Netherlands
Privacy watchdogs unite against travel surveillance. Tom Ridge replies with lies.
More illegal USA advance snooping in EU PNR data leads to more flight cancellations
Canada proposes to follow USA lead on surveillance of travellers
USA and Canada open talks on airline data
Business Travel Coalition joins call for hearings on CAPPS-II and travel data privacy
More questions on reservation data shared by NASA, Northwest, & KLM
USA airlines ask Congress to merge US-VISIT and CAPPS-II
A few of our favorite places
European Commissioner ackowledges need of USA airlines to respect EU privacy laws
Hearings on US-VISIT, but ...
"Our privacy laws are rather primitive" - ACLU
"Homeland Security" meeting today with USA airlines on data privacy
Passengers sue. Airlines circle the wagons.
EPIC files complaint against Northwest Airlines; EFF calls for Congressional hearings
How the USA honors the memory of M.L.K., Jr.
Northwest Airlines admissions on lack of privacy safeguards
Northwest Airlines gave NASA millions of PNR's
New book. New events.
Come to the USA from Europe to buy a car?
How to encourage visitors to come to the USA
"Statewatch" on proposed USA-EU agreement on airline passenger data
"Brazil vs. US: The Finger Affair"
"Color it gone -- why TSA's new screening plan won't fly"
More criticism of European Commission for "deal" on CAPPS-II testing
22 government agencies want airline passenger lists
"Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name?"
"US loses its tourism allure"
USA will keep visitor travel histories for 100 years
"Scenes From A Sad Airport"
USA snooping on airline reservations violates so-called "deal" with EU
European civil libertarians denounce USA use of EU data for CAPPS-II and other unauthorized purposes
Beware of travellers bearing almanacs
USA starts fingerprinting visitors. Brazil reciprocates.
USA uses airline reservation data as basis for flight cancellations and interrogations
Data mining and the government
Where's Hot, and Where's Not?
More voices in European Parliament against transfer of passenger data to the USA
European privacy watchdogs denounce airline reservation data transfers to the USA
European Parliament member says passenger data transfers to the USA still violate EU law
More on EU passenger data transfers to the USA
European Commission reports to Parliament on airline passenger data
Military retains top post at the TSA
More on Czech airline data dispute with the USA
DHS calls for proposals for US-VISIT visitor tracking system
CAPPS-II will require 3 new directives
Priceline.com will now name its price -- sometimes
Focus on competition at PhoCusWright conference
USA demands for airline passenger data violate Czech privacy law
UK follows USA into surveillance and control of airline passengers
Beware of confusing Philippine Pesos with USA quarters
USA still won't agree to legal protection for travel data
EU to require passports for pets
New public face for CAPPS-II profiling office
Airlines complain about government-imposed "security" costs
No progress reported by European Commission on USA demands for access to airline reservations
USA airlines say CAPPS-II could cost them "tens of millions of dollars"
Call for moratorium on RFID tagging of consumer products
ICAO proposes to require remotely-readable passports by 2006
Setback for "Simplified Travel" field test
"The Bug"
"Key escrow" with TSA for airline luggage locks?
Amazon.com cuts back on copyright infringement -- step by step
Lowell Thomas Award for PracticalNomad.com article on travel and privacy
Leading travel lawyer calls for privacy law
Cendant buys huge UK consolidator
TSA lies to Congress about CAPPS-II
LAS to use RFID baggage tags
Lawyers, bloggers weigh in on Amazon.com book page images
More book genres join travel authors in questioning Amazon.com giveaway of e-rights
Privacy issues for group travel
The economics of e-books
Europe and U.S. (Still) at Odds on Airlines and Privacy
The fix is still in on .travel
Amazon.com "blocks" printing of page images (not)
Seattle P-I on Amazon.com "search" and page view
Canada to remove privacy clause from CRS regulations
Public comments (not) to the ICANN annual meeting
USA welcome mat (not) for visitors
"Legal Problems for Amazon?"
More on Amazon.com copyright infringement
Thank you, France
USA visitor fingerprint and photo database to include travel data
Google joins Amazon in expanding its book bootlegging
Eyewitness to presentation on jetBlue passenger profiling
Defend the Right to Link
Copyright infringement by Amazon.com
Admiral Loy nominated for promotion from TSA
Congress, think tank discuss mining and aggregating travel data
Talk tonight on Cuba travel
Personal data stored on hotel card-key mag stripes
Bad idea of the day
International tourism to the USA still falling
"America, land of sheep..."
discourse.net on The Practical Nomad
U.S. Supreme Court to rule on law requiring ID
USA airlines say privacy must come before CAPPS-II tests
Overseas? Dial home on the cheap
The Amazing Race 5 applications closed
Will ICANN give ".travel" to IATA?
Business travel convention discusses CAPPS-II and EU privacy rules
Senators ask questions about jetBlue
European Parliament resolution on travel data transfers to the USA
CAPPS-II comments: 5,847 to 1 (and counting)
Motionsickness Magazine promotion
3rd edition of "How to Travel Around the World"
Airtreks CEO calls for privacy protection for travellers
Self-determination and human rights in Kashmir
Hello World!