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RFID passport logo
Excerpt: Edward Hasbrouck said : "If there's an RFID chip in your passport , identity thieves, terrorists, direct marketers, data aggregators, malicious governments, or anyone else with a radio receiver within 10 meters (30+ feet) or more whenever your passport
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RFID passport logo (or
Weblog: Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights, Encryption, Free Speech, Cryptography)
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rfid passports dissected
Excerpt: edward hasbrouck has a few great posts over at his blog on rfid in passports. the most recent one RFID passport logo (PDF, 497 KB) is actually quite an interesting read to know what is the latest on the RFID/passport...
Weblog: Every Bit You Make
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RFID "e-Passports"
Excerpt: This is what passports containing RFID chips will look like: Note the little rectangular logo at the bottom. According to Ed Hasbrouck, that's the ICAO standard logo indicating that this is an RFID passport, and therefore: identity thieves,...
Weblog: Happy Software Prole
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How to spot an RFID passport
Excerpt: Now that the U.S. has begun issuing RFID-tagged passports, how can you tell if your new passport has an unwanted spy on board? Edward Hasbrouck, the Practical Nomad (author of numerous guidebook and a tireless defender of travel privacy), has come to t...
Weblog: Spychips RFID Blog
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How RFID Can Destroy Life As You Know It
Excerpt: Imagine a future world in which RFID rules - cattle, poultry, wild animals, trees, medicines, baggage, shipments, museum artefacts, consumer goods, AND people (including babies) are all tagged. People whom you have never met and don't know are in a pos...
Weblog: RFID Lowdown
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200th post
Excerpt: Wow. 200 hundred posts. hard to believe. Ok, Im' over it now. I admit... I have a problem with authority figures. Always have since I was a kid really. It pretty much started with teachers in school. I realized that I was subject to their "rules" an...
Weblog: Thoughts of Cyen
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Arphid Watch: Arphid Logos
Excerpt: (((RFID practice has now advanced far enough to generate little graphics to demonstrate that arphids are in the environment. However, there is no UNIVERSAL logo; instead, everybody wants a piece of the graphic action.))) (((As a government...
Weblog: Beyond the Beyond
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Net Neutrality debate gets murky, RFID gets an icon
Excerpt: On another controversial front, it looks like there's some logo choices for RFID-equiped things. Not that the places making the things with the logos seem to be making much noise about them...
Weblog: Walking Along My Path
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Current RFID Privacy Concerns + Protecting Your Smartcards
Excerpt: Depending on your perspective, you may be happy to know that the US DHS (Department of Homeland Security) does not currently advocate the implantation of RFID chips into humans. Independent of this decision, Wisconsin and a small handful of other US st...
Weblog: RFid Gazette
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