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Hasbrouck on RFID Passports
Excerpt: In his closing CFP keynote, Bill Scannell of asked for voice votes by the audience on whether a series of government measures including the use of secretly and remotely-readable RFID chips in passports were stupid or evil. "Both" seemed t...
Weblog: Emergent Chaos
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Don't think you can remove that RFID chip in your passport
Excerpt: Ed Hasbrouck points to the Notice of Proposed Rule-Making for the RFID passports. Here's the summary:...
Weblog: Educated Guesswork
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RFID passports atCFP.
Excerpt: RFID passports at CFP .
Weblog: Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights,Encryption, Free Speech, Cryptography)
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More on RFID passports
Excerpt: Edward Hasbrouck writes from CFP2005: Stupid or evil? Incompetent or lying? You be the judge. That pretty much sums up my opinion, which I wrote earlier this month....
Weblog: Pensieri di un lunatico minore
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The Practical Nomad blog: RFID passports at CFP
Excerpt: On the frustratingly ill-conceived development of US passports containing RFID chips that will allow you to be identified as a US passport-holder, and potentially have your information swiped, without even taking the thing out of your pocket. "Stupid o...
Weblog: Groovy Links
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California Anti-RFID Bill Gains Momentum.
Excerpt: California Anti-RFID Bill Gains Momentum .
Weblog: Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights,Encryption, Free Speech, Cryptography)
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Don't believe everything you hear
Excerpt: At the recent CFP in Seattle, a rep of the US State Department tried to explain why the RFID proposed to go into US passports was as safe as could be. Nobody can read a thing unless they're about 10cm (about 4 inches) away. Really. Then Barry Ste...
Weblog: Communal Weblog
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