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"The Amazing Race" on CBS-TV

Reality television takes a trip around the world!

Edward Hasbrouck with Team Guido
The Practical Nomad with Team Guido
from The Amazing Race 1 and The Amazing Race All-Stars:
Guido (front and center, in his traveling bag);
Bill Bartek, Joe Baldassare, and Edward Hasbrouck

Filming of
Filming of “The Amazing Race 5” near Banff, Alberta (Canada)

In the reality-TV contest, “The Amazing Race”, 12 teams of travellers compete against the challenges of a trip around the world.

As the contestants on each season of “The Amazing Race” make their way around the world — in a match against time, limited budgets, language barriers, the elements, culture shock, and the stresses the trip puts on their relationships with their partners — Edward Hasbrouck offers weekly commentary on how the show compares with the reality of travel around the world. Since the first season of the show, Edward’s columns have been posted on this site the morning after each episode, and e-mailed to subscribers to Edward’s free travel newsletter.

Each season, members of the cast have have read Edward’s books to prepare for the race, and have been among the subscribers and avid readers of Edward’s columns. He’s interviewed contestants after their trips, and been consulted by would-be contestants as an expert in the skills travellers need for the show and for real-life, off-camera journeys around the world. Edward’s columns have even featured featured exclusive eyewitness photos and descriptionsof the race, including activites that were part of the race but were never broadcast.

(Note that the broadcast dates listed above and on the individual season and episode pages are the original broadcast dates on CBS-TV in the USA. Broadcasts in Canada have usually been the same day. Broadcast dates in other countries have lagged, in some cases by a day and in others by several seasons. So if you are in another country, the “new” season and episodes you are watching may have been broadcast months or years earlier in the USA. If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, be careful what you read.)

Edward Hasbrouck is the world’s leading authority on around-the-world travel. Edward wrote the book on travel around the world, the acclaimed The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World. Edward is a travel consultant, consumer advocate, seminar leader, and Internet personality, specializing in helping ordinary people realize their dream of a trip around the world. Edward has worked with thousands of real-life travellers for more than fifteen years, seeing what questions and fears they have, what they are and aren’t prepared for, what goes right — and what goes wrong — on their trips around the world and in their relationships with their fellow travellers.

Edward Hasbrouck’ weekly commentaries analyze what happens to the contestants and to their relationships with their companions and their competitors, and offer travel advice on the issues faced by the contestants.

Edward Hasbrouck’s commentaries answer questions such as:

  • Is this “reality” show for real? Do real people take trips like this?
  • What are the biggest differences between “The Amazing Race” and the reality of travel around the world?
  • What sorts of people travel around the world? Are they like the contestants on the show?
  • How do the contestants’ challenges compare to ones real travellers most often face?
  • How have travel around the world, and Americans’ attitudes toward travel, changed since the first season of “The Amazing Race” premiered on 5 September 2001?
  • Is travel to “exotic” and unknown places really as hard as “The Amazing Race” makes it look? How can you avoid ending up in difficult situations like the ones on the show?
  • Is this show putting the contestants in real danger?
  • What catches the most travellers unprepared?
  • What are the key things to do to prepare for a big trip abroad? How can you avoid ending up in difficult situations like the ones on the show?
  • When and where is culture shock usually worst and what’s the best way to avoid it?
  • What’s most likely to go wrong along the way on a trip like this?
  • What are the most important tips for travellers on the road in distant lands?
  • What’s the best way to choose a compatible travelling companion?
  • What can you do to help your relationship with a traveling companion survive the stresses of travel?
  • What are the biggest fears for people taking a trip like this? Are these fears realistic?
  • What’s the point of a trip like this for real people who aren’t competing for a million-dollar prize?
  • How much does a trip around the world cost? How long does it take?
  • How does anyone get the time and money for a trip like this?
  • If you want to take a trip around the world, how do you get started on making your dream real?

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"Don't believe anything just because you read it on the Internet. Anyone can say anything on the Internet, and they do. The Internet is the most effective medium in history for the rapid global propagation of rumor, myth, and false information." (From The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace, 2001)

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