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FAQ: Advice to Air Travelers

by Edward Hasbrouck, author of "The Practical Nomad"

Frequently-Asked Questions About Air Travel after 11 September 2001

What is the status of air travel in the USA?

What should I expect if I am traveling by air? What is different from before 11 September 2001?

How early do I need to get to the airport? Why so early? Will it really take that long?

How much luggage can I bring? Will I have to check my bags, or can I carry them on? What can/can't I put in my carry-on luggage?

Will all my bags be opened or searched?

What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed? Is the airline responsible for taking care of me?

Who will pay for my expenses if my flight is cancelled or rescheduled? Will I get a refund? Is this covered by my insurance?

Will some airlines go out of business? What happens if they do? How can I protect myself?

What is the status of surface transportation?

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