Monday, 20 October 2003

Self-determination and human rights in Kashmir

I’ve added a new section of my Web site to help explain why I care about Kashmir. I’ve posted some of the articles I’ve written for peace movement publications — they are mostly a few years old, but should still provide some background information. Sadly, the situation remains largely the same. Only the body count has changed.

Link | Posted by Edward on Monday, 20 October 2003, 08:43 ( 8:43 AM)

Yoou Kashmir comments are those of a typical Islamist- high in fiction low on facts. "Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), a secular organization" give me a break! You ignored to mention the ethnic cleansing of half a milllion Kashmiri Hindus by JKLF.

Posted by: Rajiv Kaul, 1 December 2003, 23:53 (11:53 PM)

Your comments on Kashmir are very interesting. I disagree with the above comment that they are typical of "Islamist high in fiction low in fact." I do not deny the atrocities that have been committed against the Kashmiri Hindus. We need to work together and revive Kashmiriyat instead of getting caught up in the blame game.

I love my hindu brothers.

Posted by: Visitor, 9 April 2004, 20:42 ( 8:42 PM)

Finally i find someone who is interested in the truth. The real Kashmir story is indeed hidden to the world. Personally i think the simplest way to resolve this matter is a plebiscite, which the Indians refuse to do, mainly because they are scared of the outcome. Just ask the Kashmiris two ques, do you want to join India or Pak? Case closed. Shame on India for its constant refusal and brutal force to stop the voices of freedom.

Posted by: Sara, 22 April 2004, 03:14 ( 3:14 AM)

PLease visit my blog if you want to listen to the other side of the story...

As you say your mother is Lahore born and brought up in USA...So I expect you to have that particular islamic view point about kashmir.

You have very cooly put all the allegiations on Indian Govt.particularly to my interest was the section of 1989 when the insurgency started...

How can you call this insurgency as NON voilent and compare it with Tibetan Nationalism..Even the insane wont do it...

You say that you were in kashmir during that period..Couldnt you notice the Millions of Hindus being driven like herds out of valley and their 5000 Yr old civilization torched in days...

I know Indian Security Forces have commited access but the level is not much as hyped..The brutualities of Afghan/Kashmri and other islamic merceneries on JK is immaginable ..Listen from me who saw it happening and I ll tell how it happend and who are responsible...

Blog with me on

Moreover it is not the Kashmiri Nationalistic Movement ..It is hardcore JIHAD same which is being waged against all the Western COuntries by AL qaida..We are al the suffers of Islamic extremism...

May ALLAH prevail with upon those criminals..who in the name of Islam are bringing disgrace to Kashmiriyat

If you want to know more

Posted by: veer, 7 June 2004, 00:52 (12:52 AM)

Another alqaeda blogger it looks like here. IF you do not know(ie not got off your lazy a** to find out), this so called non voilent strugglers against the tyranical indian govt as you put it were the one's guarding osama bin laden in the mountains of tora bora when america tried to get him. They r the one's because of whom he is still a free man. They collect money from stupid people like you buy ak-47's and bombs to kill you and then call themselves peace lovers..bah..go try to see kashmir on your own and u will know....People there are dying because of non voilent people who r fighting the indian govt. Before 1989 when these alquaeda werent part of the world kashmir was a paradise on do i know coz i was there!!!! 1986

Posted by: Ajgir Hemmad, 5 August 2004, 18:37 ( 6:37 PM)

Sara, do you know what the pre-requisistes are for a plebiscite ?

Do you know what Kofi Annan said about this recently ?

Posted by: JK, 22 September 2004, 16:46 ( 4:46 PM)

Kashmir issue has gained an international overlook while it was an issue between the two states only.
Hope india and pak will definately sort the problem towards the peace.

Posted by: creazione siti internet, 23 September 2004, 01:29 ( 1:29 AM)

hi Edward,

i have gone through ur article. it was disappointing to note that ur views were full of bias and were lacking concrete information.
i agree that there may be attrocities by members of indian armed forces but while talking of human rights how u simply overlook the genocide by terrorists, genocide by pakistan now and in 1947-48 while it invaded kashmir with bad intentions. why u didn't write an article on all the carnages done on minorities by terrorists. I have my Kashmiri School friends who were forced to leave Kashmir.
partition in 1947 was the blunder of last was a political decision not the will of people. ask those who had 2 leave their homes?
we don't want it again. Let's talk of uniting Edward!as far as plebiscite is concerned, there are many conditions attached 2 it by UN which have become impractical--one of those is that Pakistan should vacate occupied Kashmir(Ask Pakistan is it willing?)

APHC doesn't represent people of Kashmir. if it is so, why doesn't it participate in the democratic process which has been acknowledged by international bodies to be free and fair.

It is a tolerant country like india where they can have open meetings with Pakistan High Commissioner anytime, go to Dubai, get Govt. security and still talk of seccession.

The solution is in uniting and not dividing. Let us understand the Power Politics of Britain at that time who deliberately wanted the two independent countries to fight. Autonomy for kashmir will bring it prosperity.

I will love to have remarks from u Edward.

Thanks and Regards,

Posted by: Ankush, 28 August 2005, 22:59 (10:59 PM)

the indian government makes me sick. why don't they allow foreign aid groups into their part of kashmir to help? afraid they may find mass graves and torture chambers??

i can pretty much guarantee you that the indian govt is supressing the number of dead so as to not invite foreign aid groups. the indians don't care about kashmiris-- they just want a picturesque scene for their bollywood movies, and ample women for their army to rape.

Posted by: a kashmiri, 11 October 2005, 06:42 ( 6:42 AM)

I am a Kashmiri too and this is for "a kashmiri" who has posted his or her reply on 11th October 2005, 06:42. What you are saying about the indian army has been inflicted by kashmiris on kashmiris, pakistanis on kashmiris and other foreigners on kashmiris. Everyone is wrong and should be punished! But most of all, the kashmiris currently in the state should be punished because we haven't been able to create a strong enough police force that protects us, we haven't given positive education to young minds that have gone astray, and we have taken no effort to spread happiness and lets others live peacefully. We have not thought about our futures and have not let anyone do that for us. We are pitiful and now the earthquake has shown us that mother earth also hates us.
In many ways, I still feel that Kashmir is superior to many other states in terms of weather and culture but it has a lot to learn from a rich country like India. Kashmir will be orphaned without India, its mother. This connection with India wasn't created a few hundred years a go but for thousands of years, Kashmir has been a part of India, why then are we trying to amputate our own state from the rest of its body? I have been brought up as an Indian in India, a romantic country in all its shades. Does my opinion count? Can I continue to be an Indian in Kashmir? Will my threshold extend far beyond Jammu?

Posted by: Shehnaz, 13 October 2005, 09:54 ( 9:54 AM)

I am Edward's mother, born in Lahore in the northern part of India that is now part of Pakistan. My father and his parents spent most of their lives in various parts of India; my mother much of her adult life there. My stepfather and his family were Lahore neighbors and colleagues; they married after my father and his wife died. Although I left India when I was very young because of illness and never returned until I did so with my son and his partner in 1989, I feel very close ties to that part of the world and when I revisited it it all seemed familiar. Kashmir was very special to my parents, an incredibly beautiful place where they had lived, camped, hiked, painted, and had many wonderful friends.

Before partition, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and others lived together in more than tolerance -- in mutual respect and friendship. One family story of the times of partition is of my stepfather traveling on a train with two friends, one Hindu and one Muslim. When they were in a location where one of them might be unwelcome, he would be wrapped in a bedroll and the other one would lean on it as though it were his and only a bedroll so that his friend would be kept safe.

At the time of partition, Kashmir became provisionally part of India, with the promise of a plebiscite at which the Kashmiris could decide whether they wished to be part of India, part of Pakistan, or independent. India has never allowed that plebiscite, in spite of encouragement by the United Nations. India and Pakistan fought over the issue, and Kashmir was then divided; one side governed by India as a legal part of it (called by the Kashmiris "Indian Occupied Kashmir) and the other side governed by Pakistan as temporary, pending the plebiscite (known by the Kashmiris as "Pakistan Administered Kashmir"). Kashmiri people continued to live in harmony with each other.

In 1989 we traveled in India, Pakistan, and Kashmir, meeting and talking with friends and colleagues of my family in all three. As my son has said, a long-simmering pot began to boil while we were in Kashmir. When we arrived, there was already a large and visible Indian army presence. While we were there, there were impressively Gandhian and complete shut downs of everything from stores to post offices. The Indian army became increasingly harsh as the Kashmiris grew more active. Kashmiris came over the border from the Pakistan side to help fight for freedom, and there were many atrocities committed by the Indian army. Communication between Kashmir and the rest of the world was cut off by India, so little or no news of all this the USA.

It would be wonderful if Kashmiris had their long-awaited plebiscite. It would be wonderful if India and Pakistan treated each other with the respect that those who lived in the former India did. I don't think that even a terrible earthquake will cause this to happen. I hope that at least from this tragedy the rest of the world will at least learn that there is such a place as Kashmir and become interested in learning about it.

But now is no time for people to vent their personal animosities toward either India or Pakistan and take those animosities out against Kashmir and the Kashmiris. Kashmir and its people are suffering far more than anyone else right now and will to do so for some time. It behooves each and every one of us to unite in helping Kashmir and the Kashmiris in any way that we can.

Posted by: Marguerite, 17 October 2005, 18:42 ( 6:42 PM)

It is good to share dialogue on Kashmir issue. However, so far no one is aware why the partition was taken place. Was there any need for that step ? What kind of benefit so far achieved by Muslims in both countires Pakistan / India after the particion.
Allah says in His Holy Book Quran, the wrongdoers will be accountable on the day of judgement. I think, both countires leadership to be blamed on this matter for why they do not understand the people's opion of both countries. People's consus should be considered as final consus for final decision-making.
Best regards

Posted by: Shoukat Firfiray, 30 November 2005, 22:42 (10:42 PM)

The movement to liberate Kashmir and convert it to a fundamentalist Islamic state is outrageous. Kashmir has a history of more than 5000 years . It is the seat of Saivaite Hinduism, of Buddhism of Sikhism and a a very liberal Islamic Sufism , Kashmiri Hindus and Muslims had lived like brothers for centuries. The Sufi saint Noor , referred to as Nund rishi of Charare Sharif is a wonderful example of this brotherhood. Partition of India itself was wrong , many Hindu majority areas remained in Pakistan and many Muslim areas in India, so if we have to have a Muslim Kashmir then why should Hindus not get HIndustan completely free of Muslims , because Muslims got Pakistan but Hindus did not get Hindustan but Hinduism is a tolerant religion, the basis of our faith is God reveals himself from time to time in different names , different forms to everyone , So for us Allah or Bhagwan is the same, more Hindus visit dargahs than Muslims, we do not want a Muslim free Hindustan. Our President is a Muslim, our Cricket team has Muslims including ex Captain Azarauddin, Film industery has been dominated by many Muslim stars, Music directors , lyricists etc. Some of our top most industrialists are Muslims. So where is the discrimination against Muslims.Also what is talk of plebicite after having systematically killed Hindu Kasmiris for the last 250 years. I appeal to my Kashmiri brothers give up your violence, lets talk Peace. Islam means Peace

Posted by: Snehashish, 29 July 2006, 02:28 ( 2:28 AM)

I am a Hindu and i respect all religions. I don't find the need to fight among people for the religion. Now i am in US because of my husbands job. Here we have a neighbour who are from Pakistan. But i never find them different. They dress like us and eat same food. According to me each person survives for some yrs and death is the final thing. So stay happily and peacfully enjoying each bit of ur life. Don't waste ur precious time in hating each other. Only thing i find is there is insecurity among muslims in Pakistan. It should go because it is good for Pakistanis as well as Indian people.

Posted by: ati, 1 August 2006, 12:57 (12:57 PM)

I am pleased to announce the release of my book 'Sarhad Zero Mile' (Hindi), an eye-witness account of the life along the Line of Control. I travelled almost all along the LoC, starting my journey from Akhnoor in Jammu sector to Partapur in Ladakh region, to capture the essence of life in the war-torn area.
The book is first of its kind in Hindi as it highlights the velour of our gallant soldiers, as well as the struggle of common men and women along the border. On my journey along the LoC, I slept in bunkers, toiled with the soldiers, braved the chill of the Himalayas to bring to light an authentic insight into the lives of these soldiers and the dwellers.
Particulars of the book are as follows:
Title of the book: Sarhad Zero Mile (Hindi)
Publisher: Parijat Prakashan, Kamta Sadan, East Boring Canal Road, Patna
ISBN: 81-903561-0-0
Author: Ranjan Kumar Singh
Year of publication: 2006
Number of pages: 104
Price: Rs. 120/- (Rupees One hundred twenty only)

Posted by: Ranjan Kumar Singh, 11 September 2006, 06:44 ( 6:44 AM)

At the time of partitioning India, leaving the control of Kashmir in Indian hands was a preplanned mischief by the British as they and the hindus were unhappy about the creation of Pakistan. They are in fact partners in hating Islam and Muslims.

Since there is no hope of United Nations implementing a plebscite on Kashmir, the Kashmiris will have to continue there struggle towards self-determination to become part of Pakistan.

It is also the duty of all Muslims to help the people of Kashmir in every way to expel the anti-Muslim Indians who commit attrocities and war crimes against the innocent civilians of Kashmir.

The Pakistanis should also support the separatist movements in India to help people gain liberty and freedom against the Hindus tyranny.

Finally, Kashmir has a Muslim majority and Inshallah it will return to the Muslims.

Posted by: Mahmood Ghaznavi, 8 December 2006, 05:36 ( 5:36 AM)

the ground reality in kashmir is very clear.pakistan is playing dirty politics here.the basic ground location of kashmir is that it now is located in between china and pakistan.pakistans's relations with china are very well, if china were to transfer any goods,ammunation,etc to pakistan thay have to use the sea route which will be heavily guarded by the indian forces.hence, pakistan is keen to take control with kashmir and have a direct border with china.therefore, it is projecting itself as a savior of the kashmiris, claming to liberate from indian "supression and voilence". but the truth is that the voilence in kashmir is caused by these so called "extremists" funded by pakistan itself.the people must understand that pakistan is just using them to get their job done.once it is done, the rest is here to see, u can see the condition of kashmiris in pakistan occupied kashmir!!!!

Posted by: sashikanth, 23 June 2007, 04:03 ( 4:03 AM)

It is said, Indians are blind to the "bitter truth" in Kashmir.

It has been alleged by some students of an Indian University
(described as "a group of "adventure junkies") who traveled across Kashmir and interacted with students and people that almost all Indians are casually ignorant about the Kashmir conflict and about the realities of issuess of violations of the Human Rights in Kashmir.

This has been picked up and utilised by propagandists who claims Indian media is biased and has been persistently "feeding lies" to the Indian public.

Posted by: farah, 31 July 2007, 12:11 (12:11 PM)
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