Tuesday, 21 October 2003

The Amazing Race 5 applications closed

Applications closed earlier this month for The Amazing Race 5, the next season of the CBS reality-TV show about travel around the world. Apparently the producers were having difficulty finding the types of people they wanted for the cast: last-minute casting calls were held across the country, at which local CBS affiliates send camera crews to film would-be contestants’ audition tapes. I couldn’t be there, but I’m told that 200 or more couples showed up at the San Francisco Bay Area taping (in that epicenter of cosmopolitanism, The Great Mall in Milpitas), with two film crews working throughout the day.

According to the application forms, filming will begin in January 2004. Let me know ASAP if you spot any race flags or couples running through airports followed by pairs of film and sound technicians during January and early February 2004. The Amazing Race 5 is expected to be broadcast in the USA and Canada in summer 2004, although it could be sooner. Of course, I’ll once again be posting weekly columns about the travel lessons of the show, as long as I’m in the broadcast area.

Future columns, starting with season 5, will probably be posted here in my blog. Here are links to my weekly commentaries on The Amazing Race seasons 1 through 4:

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  1. The Amazing Race 5 (Summer 2004)
Link | Posted by Edward on Tuesday, 21 October 2003, 06:39 ( 6:39 AM)

HI Edward
My friend and I applied for Amazing Race 5, but didn't get a call back. Any ideas what kind of teams they are looking for? The app form is so general I'm not realy sure what kind of personal info to give to get an audition. Any advice you could offer would be hugely appreciated. Hopefully there will bea an AR6 so we can try again. Thanks V

Posted by: Valerie, 10 February 2004, 13:56 ( 1:56 PM)

My husband and I would love to apply for the Amazing Race, however the show is not open to Canadian applicants. Not sure why not? Our honeymoon included three weeks through Europe, which involved many adventures; unavailable rooms that we had reserved, arriving in places during siesta (when everything is closed), train strikes, attacked by crazy people in the subway, etc. It feels like we have already completed the training for the show. In addition, the Amazing Race is the only show that my husband enjoys watching. I guess we will have to watch by the sidelines for season 5.

Posted by: Kristin, 22 February 2004, 17:38 ( 5:38 PM)

i think it sux that the amazing race is only for americans, it would make it so much more fun to have competition from all over the world

Posted by: laura, 29 February 2004, 07:04 ( 7:04 AM)

hey there... my partner and I *think* we saw a team in Calgary this past Thursday (the 26th). There were two middle aged (?) people in matching jackets with the right sized backpacks, on the phone with a camera man and another guy. We couldn't tell if it was T.A.R. or just a documentary, but it looked promising. They also had the passport pouches around their necks.

Posted by: indigirl, 1 March 2004, 14:30 ( 2:30 PM)

the amazing race 5 is going to be on t.v in australia this sunday at 11am on channel 7...yay!!!

Posted by: janeos, 11 March 2004, 04:02 ( 4:02 AM)

I believe its just a repeat...

Posted by: Ken, 12 March 2004, 17:12 ( 5:12 PM)

Hey there, I saw 100% two teams of the amazing race fly onto my staff bus in banff alberta (near calgary) They had to do an event at the ski hill I work at. while on the bus one of the teams jumped off in the middle of the highway and grabed a taxi, the other team was left behind and remained on the bus until we reached banff.

Posted by: Bill, 8 April 2004, 12:05 (12:05 PM)

I still am looking for an explanation as to why Canadians are not considered as applicants. I am willing to play for 1 million Canadian $$$$. That would save the show thousands of $$$$

Posted by: Gille, 8 July 2004, 08:12 ( 8:12 AM)

I think it is unfair that Canadians can't be on the amazing race or survivor ( what are they afraid we are to strong to compete against the U.S)

Posted by: Lynda, 18 August 2004, 20:06 ( 8:06 PM)

hey i just want to know what are the terms of beng on the amazing race and where do we sign up and audition ? because me and my best friend would lke to try out for it we are deheart fans and we love to travel , i was wondering if u know wher season 7 auditions will e taing place and how do we audition? thank you

Posted by: Ana, 22 September 2004, 13:10 ( 1:10 PM)

If you missed the official application deadline for the next season, but want to participate (and if you are a citizen of the USA -- the producers still haven't changed their rule that, "No Canadians or other 'foreigners' need apply", and I don't make the rules), I'd send in an application anyway: many of the cast members in previous seasons of the race have been selected outside the publicly-announced applications and auditions, and some applications have been held over from one season to another.

Posted by: Edward Hasbrouck, 26 September 2004, 16:05 ( 4:05 PM)

hi i am wondering when my friend and i can apply (and where to apply) for the next amazing race 2005? anyone anyone

Posted by: jenny rebecca, 17 October 2004, 17:38 ( 5:38 PM)

Hey I just wanted to know, if anyone knows where and how to apply to the amazing race and where and how to audition, I hardly miss an episode. Please I would love to be on the show.


Posted by: Danielle, 25 November 2005, 23:10 (11:10 PM)
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