Thursday, 23 October 2003

Bad idea of the day

Venture to Offer ID Card for Use at Security Checks (N.Y. Times, free registration and cookie acceptance required)

“Today a new company, Verified Identity Card Inc., which will offer customers an electronic card containing data showing that they are not on terrorism watch lists and do not have certain felony convictions on their records…. Partners include Lehman Brothers; TransCore, the company that created the E-ZPass electronic toll system; and ChoicePoint, a Georgia company that will screen the customers.”

I can’t begin to catalog all the things that are wrong with this scheme to outsource imposition of a national ID card to the “private” (read, “unregulated and unaccountable”, at least until we have a comprehensive data privacy law) sector.

As Marc Rotenberg of EPIC is quoted by the Times, “I don’t think it will necessarily come as an assurance to most Americans that a Big Brother card is being minted in the private sector and not in the government.”

The first potential use mentioned in the lead of the Times story for this “Large USA Corporations Do Not Consider Me A Threat” card is as a “trusted-traveller” card to shortcut or bypass airport security. That’s consistent with the disingenuous efforts of the TSA and DHS to evade exisitng (minimal) privacy protections on data in federal government hands by outsourcing as much as possible of the CAPPS-II airline passenger profiling, monitoring, and surveillance system to the private sector — while mandating that data be collected and structured in such a way as to assure convenient access by the Feds to data of interest, but without their having to dirty their hands with the data or pay to warehouse it (that would be taken care of by private firms, in exchange for the opportunity to exploit for their profit data obtained through government coercion).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, although Congress still doesn’t seem to be listening: the only way to close this loophole is to bring the USA into line with international norms by enacting a federal privacy law that applies eqaully to all travel records, whether in “private” (corporate) or government hands.

Link | Posted by Edward on Thursday, 23 October 2003, 06:35 ( 6:35 AM)

The major concern on the issue of the "Verified Identity Card Inc." is not the preliminary implementation of the card itself, rather the secondary process of the completion of the true purpose behind the start of the company in the form of the "Verified Identity Chip." If you were to do just a slight amount of research on the subject, the shortcomings of this company will be to gather information, but the long term affects will be to inject tiny computer chips into the right hands of unwitting victims. I would like to refer to these people as victims rather than "willing participants" as most would, because of the negative effects it will bring to the nation as a whole. Order has always arrived through Chaos as history has been taught in the classroom. In this instance, after the process of implementation, the majority of the nations populace will be implanted with this chip. This type of behavior leads to a division of the people and a power struggle between those with, and those without. I foresee abominable persecutions of those whom refuse to accept the implementation order, and they will be considered as an "outcast to society" if you will. Practically you would be told of all the "positive benefits" of having someone place a piece of technology that surpasses anything the private sector would have access to into your hand. I do not presume to be an expert in the field of technology, although I do have some experience. I do realize, however, that the majority of the populace has no clue whatsoever of the impact of technology, therefore, wouldn't have any sort of idea as to what was being placed in them. We are made of flesh and bone and were never meant to have man made objects placed beneath our skin. I would like to end this with a short statement on something I feel very passionate about and it is this, if you were to be of Judeo-Christian origin then you would definitely need to do some examining of the Book Of Revelation, you will find this in the end of your HOLY BIBLE. There are some interesting facts that I have found that talk about something being placed "in" the right hands of people and I feel that upon completion that you too will have second thoughts on the whole absurd ideology.

Posted by: CW, 23 January 2004, 07:21 ( 7:21 AM)
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