Friday, 24 October 2003

Admiral Loy nominated for promotion from TSA

Coast Guard Admiral James M. Loy, currently Administrator (“Under Secretary of Transportation for Security”) of the Transportation Security Administration of the USA Department of Homeland Security, has been nominated for a promotion to the second-highest position in the DHS, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.

In the revolving door that has characterized personnel relationships between the military and the supposedly-civilian DHS, Admiral Loy would be replacing Gordon England, who left the DHS earlier this month to return to his former job as Secretary of the Navy. Loy would, apparently, retain his military rank and title (as former commander of the Coast Guard — the only branch of the military now incorporated, in its entirety, into the DHS), as he has at the TSA.

Admiral Loy will remain in charge of the TSA pending Senate action on his nomination; no appointment to succeed him at the TSA has been announced.

As I’ve written previously in response to public statements by Admiral Loy about CAPPS-II, “That such an Orwellian scheme is being implemented under the direction of someone who insists on using his military title, while administering what purports to be a civilian agency, is symptomatic of the extent to which the “war on terrorism” has become a war on civil liberties,” waged with military means and lack of restraint by people with military mindsets. (The same could be said, as I can vouch from my personal experience having my head used as an early stepping-stone in his political career, for ex-Marine Bob Mueller at the FBI.)

Admiral Loy himself has characterized CAPPS-II as his highest priority at the TSA. Senate hearings and debate on Admiral Loy’s confirmation as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, and on confirmation of a successor as Administrator of the TSA, will provide an ideal opportunity — if Senators choose to use it — to ask questions about why CAPPS-II has been pursued so insistently, despite overwhelming public opposition and complete lack of support from security experts or evidence that it could serve any legitimate security purpose (the most plausible-seeming answer being the surveillance purposes that it would facilitate), as well as about the impact of the extensive military role in managing the DHS on creating a culture of military unconcern for civilian rights and freedoms. And. of course, the Senate should insist on confirming a replacement TSA Administrator committed to ending CAPPS-II testing and development, and putting in place meaningful privacy protection for travel and transportation records used for TSA purposes.

[Addendum, 26 November 2003: Admiral Loy was confimred by the Senate 25 November 2003, by voice vote, without debate.]

Link | Posted by Edward on Friday, 24 October 2003, 06:45 ( 6:45 AM)

Do you even know James Loy? I was just wondering because if you did you might even remotely have and idea what you are talking about. He was one of the Coast Guards finest Commandants. That's right not a Commander because if you look it up a Commander is a rank and is also commonly refered to as someone who is in charge of a base or unit. The Commandant is the highest rank one can achieve in the Coast Guard. A position that is to be respected not slandered. All military officials retain there rank and title no matter where they go. Wether it be DHS or DoD it doesn't matter. Here is just a taste of Admiral Loy's credentials: "He has received the Department of Transportation Distinguished Service Medal, four Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medals, the Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legion of Merit awards, the Bronze Star with Combat "V," the Meritorious Service Medal, five Coast Guard Commendation Medals, the Coast Guard Achievement Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon, and other unit and campaign awards. Admiral Loy has been recognized by the American Society of Public Administration and Government Executive with their Leadership Award for 2001. He was named SEATRADE Personality of 2000 in London, UK; has received the NAACP Meritorious Service Award for 2000 and was recognized by the Soldier's, Sailor's, Marine's and Airmen's Club with their Military Leadership Award for 2001."

You also might want to buff up on your Coast Guard History. The United States Coast Guard has only fell under the Navy in times of war. Therefore never have they been part of DoD. They started out in 1790 as the Revenue Service under the Department of the Treasury (later they would be known as the Revenue Cutter Service.) In 1915 there name was changed to the Coast Guard by President Eisenhower. They were then transfered in 1967 to the Department of Transportation and most recently have become part of the Department of Homeland Security. I am sure that you took the time to explore these facts since you seem to express such an interest in one of the Coast Guard's finest. You might also note that we are still much so part of the United States Armed forces and the World's finest military. Might I ask of you sir what have you to show for your country? Clearly you have in some way greater contributed to our countries freedom more than Admiral Loy otherwise you wouldn't have any room to pass judgement on someone who has definetly not let those service members who have passed before us die in vain. Right? I do not right this to judge you sir or anyone else for that matter but to inform you on a subject wich you seem to be rather ignorant in. You should really take the time to understand that it takes sacrifice, dedication, and determination to serve ones country. Forgive us for not passing this by you first sir but we do not answer to you. My only hope is that I can measure up to the standards that have been set by the great leaders of not only our Armed Forces but our government.


Jesse Phillips

Posted by: Phillips, 18 November 2003, 15:51 ( 3:51 PM)

Dear Nation:

It is with great pleasure, that 13,500 of
the nation's federal TSA Screener workforce
faxed "refuse to nominate" Admiral Loy as
the DHS request to the House and Senate.

We contacted: Young, Stevens, Collins,
McCain, Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton and others,
with our "refusal to second the nomination" request.

With little regret and abosolutely NO APOLOGIES,
we whom have suffered under his criminal and
illegal under-payment of our salaries...know,
Loy lacks the moral authority for any promotion.

In direct violation of both internal TSA
headquarters-created Salary Determination
policies and our own signed job Contract
agreements...Loy and his arrogant acting
upper staffers...underpaid we job experienced
once-TSA interim contracted Screeners between
$2 and $6.00 less an hour from Oct 2002 to
the present Nov 2003 date.

So far, at Boston's Logan International
Airport alone, the TSA owes nearly $1 million
dollars in salary underpayments covering
the past year. Sadly, federal screeners
can only resolve such a a
court of law.

Imagine the overall harm, with a total
of 428 US airports left to be investigated.
TSA HR POlicy Headquarter's staffer, Jan
Karicher, openly admitted that this problem
is "not limited to Logan". A compelling his fellow Republican,
President Bush steps in to bail him out.

Loy and his staff, have ignored letters from
Senator's Kennedy, Kerry, Congressman Markey
and immediately rectify this
problem. Just as bad, but personally insulting,
Loy and his staff blew the pleas of we federal
agents off.

We agrieved, can only imagine, the damage
and further criminal activity Loy will carry
out, as a incompetent manager appointee
over 22 DHS agency's employees.

The evidence against Loy and his staff,
is overwhelming. and download copies, for
yourself. Visit TSA Logan at:


Anyone with a few years management experience
could have asked staff to insure technology
was ordered and installed at our nation's
airports. But, not just anyone has the right
character and moral have managed
with integrity required of all whom defend
the homeland against terror.

Sadly...Loy's best days as a fair minded
boss, were far behind him when he was
appointed by an anti-federal Screener
GOP boss, DOT Secretary Norman Mineta.

Together, they spent the last year
blowing hundreds of millions of dollars
in nation-vital taxpayer funds, while
doing everything possible to quietly
insure our agency implodes from
within so it can replace the FAA as
the airline industry regulator and
so that the airport screening returns
as a privately conducted role.

In the final decide. Be
careful what you wish for, if you support
his nomination. Remain wary of a coniving
wolf in sheep's clothing. We wouldn't wish
his appointment on any enemy. He is an
American disgrace and no better than a

The best thing to do if you see him
walking down the street...trip him up,
and watch him fall. Outdated fakes,
masquerading as Republican puppets...
do just that...fall from grace.

His day of reckoning is coming...the
higher he goes, the harder the fall.

Say any Loy nomination!

The Nation's now federal former
interim TSA-contracted Screeners

Posted by: TSA Logan, 20 November 2003, 13:39 ( 1:39 PM)
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