Monday, 3 November 2003

Privacy issues for group travel

JetBlue Gaffe Adds To Privacy Concerns; RELEASE OF SENSITIVE PASSENGER DATA HIGHLIGHTS LACK OF OVERSIGHT ( Meetings and Conventions magazine, November 2003)

Meeting planners and group travel organizers and coordinators are beginning to wake up to the risks they face -- and the lack of protection they have -- if travellers and meeting participants' details are disclosed without their knowledge or consent.

Although it isn't mentioned in the quotes from me that were used in the final version of this article, some of most costly changes in business procedures implicit in the current CAPPS-II proposal would be those related to group air travel. Normally, group reservations are made long before any names are known. But despite its vagueness, it appears that the current CAPPS-II proposal would require full names, and other data about each passenger, before reservations could be made. I doubt the people at the TSA and DHS behind the scheme understand how disruptive that would be to current group travel business procedures and software; I talk about some of the implications in my latest comments on the CAPPS-II proposal

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