Monday, 10 November 2003

Lowell Thomas Award for article on travel and privacy

I was notified today by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation that my article, Total Travel Information Awareness , as first published on this Web site ( and ) has been selected as the bronze medal winner in the "Travel News/ Investigative Reporting" category of the 19th annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards , America's most prestigious awards in the field. The winners were announced at the SATW annual convention in Orlando, Florida.

According to the panel of judges from the faculty of the University of Missouri's renowned School of Journalism, "This is an incredible journey into the traveler's loss of privacy in the post 9-11 era. The author relentlessly probes how government actions and loose or non-existent laws open a traveler's life to extraordinary and possibly unnecessary scrutiny. This article should be bookmarked on the Web by everyone who decides to leave home."

Judging for the Lowell Thnomas Awards is blind: the judges don't know who wrote each article or where it was published.

Mine was the first article self-published on the Internet ever to win a Lowell Thomas Award (I hope it won't be the last, by me and/or others), the only article self-published in any medium (print or Internet) to win in any category this year, and the only article written for the Internet to win an award this year in any category except those limited to Internet publications.

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