Saturday, 6 December 2003

USA demands for airline passenger data violate Czech privacy law

Czech airlines must give USA personal data of its passengers-CT (CTK Czech News Agency, 4 December 2003)

The USA demands that the Czech air carrier CSA provide it with data on all its passengers citing terrorism, which the Czech Personal Data Protection Office (UOOU) says causes the CSA to breach people's privacy, the public television broadcaster CT said.

CSA provides passengers' personal data to the United States under a temporary exception from the respective law, which however will cease to be valid as soon as the Czech Republic enters the European Union in May next year.

So even before the Czech Republic joins the EU, travellers there already have more legal protection than do travellers in the USA. And rather than endorsing the enhancement of Czech privacy protections to equal those of the EU, the USA has gotten the Czech government to make an exception to its human rights laws for the USA government (an exception that, fortunately, wouldn't be permitted in the EU, where all members are required to implement EU-recognized fundamental rights in their national laws.

A fine example the USA sets for global norms of human rights.

(Thanks for the citation to Geoff Goodfellow in Prague, via Dave Farber's Interesting People list.)

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