Monday, 12 January 2004

"US loses its tourism allure"

Fewer and fewer Norwegians are opting to spend their holidays in the United States. A new survey indicates that half of all questioned view the US as an unattractive travel destination. (Aftenposten)

Travel bureau Berg-Hansen commissioned the survey and was amazed by its results, reports newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv .

"We were very surprised that every second Norwegian thinks the USA is either an 'unattractive' or a 'very unattractive' destination," said Berg-Hansen's chief executive Per Arne Villadsen. "We think the survey clearly shows that the USA has an image problem."

Villadsen said he couldn't be sure why the US has lost its allure, but he thinks fear is a factor. "When flights to the US need to have an armed guard on board, Americans may feel safer," he said. "But for Norwegians, armed guards create uncertainty and uneasiness."

As I always remind travellers, please don't judge any country by its border guards.

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