Sunday, 18 January 2004

New book. New events.

This week for my birthday I received the first advance copy of the 3rd edition of The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World (grin) along with the news that by the time printing and bindery work is completed and the books are shipped first to distributors and then to bookstores, the new edition won’t be in your hands until mid-February, a couple of weeks later than I had previously been told (gnashing of teeth).

I’ve you’ve pre-ordered a copy, please be patient and accept my apologies for the slight delay.

The new edition will be launched with talks and book signings at two of my favorite places, Easy Going Travel Shop and Bookstore in Berkeley on February 19th, and Get Lost Travel Books in San Francisco on March 24th. See my events page for complete details on these and my other appearances.

It’s more and more important for travellers to support independent specialty travel stores and other independent bookstores like those where I’m speaking, as there are fewer and fewer places to actually browse through travel books before you buy.

The USA’s only national chain of specialty travel stores is discontinuing almost all sales of travel books: when I went into the local Rand McNally store here in San Francisco a few days a go, I was shocked to find their stock of guidebooks in the final stages of being removed from the shelves and replaced with more displays of luggage and Rand McNally’s own maps and atlases. I’ve always found Rand McNally store staff knowledgable and helpful, but they told me that this was a decision from headquarters, over which they had no control: the profit margins and revenue per square foot per month are higher for luggage and other products than for books. In San Francisco, we’re lucky to have several independent bookstores with extensive displays of travel books, but that’s not true in some of the other locations of Rand McNally stores.

Link | Posted by Edward on Sunday, 18 January 2004, 13:29 ( 1:29 PM)

Good luck with your new edition, Ed. If you'd like me to review it at online bookstores, just say the word.

Posted by: David Stanley, 18 January 2004, 19:38 ( 7:38 PM)
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