Monday, 2 February 2004

Complaint filed against KLM in the Netherlands

A complaint (in Dutch) against KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for the transfer of KLM reservation data to the USA space agency NASA (for use in passenger profiling experiments) by KLM’s code-share partner Northwest Airlines was filed with the Dutch College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (CBP), or Data Protection Authority last Friday by Dutch privacy and digital rights organization Bits of Freedom .

As best I can understand a machine translation of the complaint, it asks for (1) an investigation by the CBP of what (if any) action KLM has taken to ensure that personal data given to Northwest by KLM will be properly protected from disclosure, (2) an order from the CBP to KLM to identify and notify all those about whom information was given to NASA, and (3) an order from the CBP to KLM to take measures to ensure that personal information given to KLM won’t be transferred to third parties without the consent of the data subject.

Multiple lawsuits are already pending against Northwest Airlines in the USA, and mulitple complaints are pending in Europe against airlines for giving USA government agencies direct access to passenger data. But this is, so far as I can tell, the first formal request for enforcement action against a travel company for failing to ensure the protection of personal information in reservations transferred between private companies, and as such could have an impact throughout the global travel reservations industry.

[Follow-up: KLM claims it doesn’t know what happens with passengers’ data (8 August 2007)]

Link | Posted by Edward on Monday, 2 February 2004, 16:45 ( 4:45 PM)

You need to know that an extensive fraud is being perpetuated in the name of KLM. There are several individuals, working together. One of them represents himself as one of your travel agents, as asks that payments be sent to Nigeria. There is a female, who represents herself as being stranded in Amsterdam. I believe this is accomplished through identity theft of persons who are unaware of what is being done in their name.

Please contact me as soon as possible and I will forward to you all the details I have, including e-mails.

Moss David Posner, M.D.
phone: 831-262-2434 (also voicemail)
fax: 559-272-5015

Posted by: Moss David Posner, M.D., 17 October 2005, 06:34 ( 6:34 AM)

Dear,Sir, my baggage was missing for 5hours When I have received it 200 cigarette hadbeen stolenfrom inside my flight KLM1610 onthe 26th of july Arrived Istanbul.You have a theft in your baggage control, this should be adressed as urgentIam most seriously upset, hoping for asatishfactory reply A.S.A.P


22 Pont st.
ne63 OHH

Posted by: umit, 9 October 2006, 11:48 (11:48 AM)

I am e mailing to let you know I don't think a lot kof your airline, my son and his girlfriend left glasgow yesterday morning flying out of glasgow at 16.35pm. arrived in amsterdam and told their flight kto kuala was cancelled, they had to stay overnight and left amsterdam this morning (20th dec) arrived in kuala lumpur this evening to be told their flight to auckland was cancelled and they may be there for 2 days before getting a flight to auckland, I sincerely hope they will be compensated for this and IF not I shall be going to the papers about this.

Posted by: heather hughes, 20 December 2006, 13:25 ( 1:25 PM)

i have made an online booking on 3rd april 2007 thru for return flight from dublin to kuala lumpur via amsterdam schipol. outbound flight will be on 1st june 2007 and inbound is on 17th june 2007.
everything seems to be ok, the booking reference and the flight itinerary is stated in the e-mail. more than that, on top of the page is stated "your booking has been confirmed". on the second page stated that ticket type as paper ticket and it is to be sent by post to my home address.
after one month, nothing happened, the ticket has not arrived, neither my credit card has been charged!
on 2nd may 2007, i called KLM service center and told her my situation that my journey is one month away and the ticket still not arrive. she understood my situation and promise to highlight my reference.
since then, still nothing has happened, neither my credit card charged nor the ticket arrived and i decided to call again on 18th may 2007. this time, the person who answered my call is a man and i told him my situation and he promised me to send my ticket in a week time, i assumed it will be on 25th may 2007, one week before my departure.
still, nothing happened on 25th may 2007 and i decided to call to follow up. the guy who answered the phone told me that i will receive my ticket by 31st may 2007, one day before my departure. he also told me to call him on 31st of may if i don't receive the ticket so that he can arrange someone to deliver the ticket at the airport.
after having headache and stressed over the weekend thinking about the problem, i decided to follow up again on monday 28th may 2007.
my first call was answered by the same lady who answered my call on 2nd may. she put me on hold for more than 10 minutes, i hanged up!
my second call was answered by a guy whom i've never spoken before. he can barely speak english. he tried to arrange to deliver the airport on 1st june but in a split second, he found out that the flight which i booked is no longer available. i repeatedly asked how can that happend since i've made the booking almost 2 months earlier and he refuse to answer. the told me that he will arrange another flight for me and also promised to call me back in one hour time, but he never did! not even after 3 hours!
my third call on the same day, 28th may 2007, was answered by the same guy who answered my call on 25th may. after explaining again my situation, this time includes shouting and inconvenience conversation, he told me that my booking was cancelled on 22nd may 2007. how this happened is unexplainable! anyway, he re-route my flight via charles de gaule o the same date, 1st june 2007. he also promised me that i should be able to receive my ticket on 30th may 2007.
today is 29th may 2007, finish typing this report at 23:40hrs, what happen tomorrow is still a mystery! i gave them 2 months time and KLM screwed it up, not only i don't receive my ticket, my booking also was cancelled! i really doubt they can send me the ticket for the time frame of 2 days. if that happens, i should call it a miracle!

galway, ireland

Posted by: razami, 29 May 2007, 15:49 ( 3:49 PM)

Dear Sir,

I hope you could help me.
My parents bought 2 tickets to Denmark last year from Wing Onn Travel (Malaysia), issuing agent being Keris Travel & tour (Malaysia). My father had a sudden operation in Aug 2006 & could not travel on the confirmed date on 10 Sept 2006. After receiving advice from Wing Onn Travel, I submitted my father's medical report for a refund on 13 Feb 2007. I followed up on the progress of the refund with KLM office (Malaysia) every now & then. Finally, the refund was credited into Keris Travel & Tour in May 2007. I had been calling Keris Travel & Tour since May 2007 on the progress of the refund.Connie from Keris Travel & Tour (the person I've been dealing with) told me that the cheque was issued pending signature from the boss. Finally, on 21 June 2007, Connie from Keris Travel & Tour told me that the cheque would be ready on 25 or 26 June 2007. I sent my messenger to collect the cheque on 25 June 2007 but Connie told me that Wing Onn Travel owes them money, therefore they would NOT release the cheque. I talked to her boss and her boss said that if I wanted my money, I had to get it from Wing Onn Travel.
I am frustrated and upset as nobody from Keris Travel informed me of the complications. I have wasted all my time for the past few months chasing over nothing !!!
Someone must set the record straight here and I hope you could help.

Posted by: Liza Wong, 27 June 2007, 04:00 ( 4:00 AM)

Until now i feel very depress, humiliated and devastated on what had happened on my flight which supposed was yesterday,my flight was 8.35 in the morning at manchester yesterday and i packed my things already and ready to go at 3.30 in the morning as i have to travel 2-3 hours from my place to manchester but before i left home my husband opened the internet and saw there that the flight is cancelled, panicking, i phoned the klm and the staff told me that my flight was transferred to birmingham at 11.00 that same day and the staff told me my ticket number and my flight, birmingham is 3-4 hours away from my place and that was nearly 5 in the morning and we hurriedly set ourselves to birmingham, the weather was really bad,on our way there,near in warrington,the boards in motorway flushed saying that m6 closed, and we were caught by a heavy traffic in warrington, we were stucked there for almost 5 hours and my husband told me that we will be late on my flight even we made out of that traffic as we still need to travel from warrington to birmingham for almost 2 hours and my husband decided just to go back home, i phoned my ticket agency and told them what happened and asked them if they can rebook me for another flight tomorrow, but when they returned call to me, they said that klm said to them that their flight is full till the 27th and that they can't book me till that date, my ticket agent told them that my holiday will be finished by that time and i have to return on the 7th, but klm said that she couldn't do anything about this anymore,and she even blame me on what had happened saying why i didn't just go to manchester even the flight was cancelled so that from there somebody will de tour me, i told her that i phoned one of the staff in klm and told her what she instructed me to do, but this staff was very rude and bossy telling me that what i did was not really what i suppose to do and she seems not believing me that i phoned as she asked me the name of the staff which i forgot already. My ticket agent told me that they will cancel my ticket to klm so that i can refund the amount i paid and they will look for another airline that can give me a flight for the next day, but all the airlines offered a very expensive ticket already which i couldn't afford, what i did was i phoned again the klm if they can do anything about this, if they can rebook me even as a chance passenger for tomorrow but they said that my agency already cancelled my ticket and if i want they can rebook me but the available seat is a business class and she said to me that my agent shouldn't have cancelled my ticket.i don't know now who's got a fault on this,all i know now is the pain that i'm suffering now, thinking that i will not see my youngest son again for so many months, and thinking that i know that he also feel devastated though he just couldn't say nor express. how i've waited for this time to arrive but just only in a click it's gone.

Posted by: diana pajarillaga, 13 March 2008, 00:47 (12:47 AM)


Here's my story about KLM:

KLM's "Compensation for flight disruptions and denied boarding". It says: "In the unlikely event that you are denied boarding, your flight is cancelled, or your flight is delayed for more than two hours, we will provide compensation and assistance relative to the specific situation. In such situations, we pay special attention to children traveling unaccompanied, physically challenged passengers and visually impaired passengers."

The way I was treated is not in accordance with what is stated there... don't believe everyhting that KLM says in their nice brochures and articles.

Original route was BUD-Schiphol-CTU. It happened still in mid January 2008. Connecting flight at Schiphol was missed, I was rerouted to Beijing. My baggage was lost because of the rerouting. In Beijing I had to wait 8 hours even though there were at least 2 codeshared KLM flights from Beijing to Chengdu during the 8 hours, I could see it on the display. I tried to contact KLM office at Beijing airport but it was closed at 3 PM. Communication in China is kind of hard if you only speak English. I was left there completely alone without any assitance form KLM. Finally after waiting 8 hours, I could fly to Chengdu around 11PM. About 5 days later my baggage arrived to the Chengdu airport (without the tag that was sticked to it at check-in, they could only guess that it was my suitcase). I had to go to the CTU airport myself to pick it up, they were not willing to deliver it.

And this is what I received from KLM customer support when I was trying to find out what to do about my flight from Chengdu to Amsterdam, which will be very likely canceled:
"Dear Sir, In case any irregular of our flight, there will be one department in Holland will try to contact you and make protection. Best regards KLM"

They will try it. :)

Posted by: Zoli, 22 May 2008, 21:23 ( 9:23 PM)

I had delay-cancellation,wrong reservation, broken baggage and lost baggage problems on return trip from Texas Dallas USA to Istanbul, Turkey.
I need the complaint e-mail address for Turkey and also for Netherlands.
Can anybody help???

Posted by: Deniz Ceyhun, 13 August 2008, 16:26 ( 4:26 PM)

I had a miserable trip to and from USA with KLM and I hope you can solve my problems.

My flight details are as follows: Dear Sirs,

DFW AMS KL 670 28 JULY (29th July, 2008)
File reference: ISTKL14515

The situation is as follows:

... The plane was delayed, first by 25 minutes then 3.5 hours which we had to sit in the plane without air-conditon, etc.
... Spent 4 more hours in the cue for the new ticket.
... My boy friend had to leave his work and pick me up from airport.
... Next day in Amsterdam, I was almost missing the flight to Istanbul because I was moved to an earlier flight than one written in my electronic ticket for which I was not informed.
... In Istanbul Ataturk Airport I found out that 1 of my luggages was lost and had to spend another hour waiting for it and another 3 hours to register the situation.
... My luggages is still missing and I have been contect in KLM arrivel service CELEBI ground handling bagg service, informing them about the contents about my baggage.

I hade to spend days to correct their mistakes about the contents. My luggage is oversized bu they recorded it as overweighted although I hade warm them for many times.

... I was late to work 1 full day and my salary was cut.
... My boy friend had to leave his work in Texas to take care of me and his salary was also cut.
... All my personel belongings ibcluding newly bought cloths, perfumes, shoes, etc and a specially a remote controlled sailing boat which was to be a very special president.
... My suitcase is borken (both hadle and wheels) but I was so fed up that I did not bother to report it at the airport.
... I travelled to USA many times with other airlines and will be traviling more fequently for bussiness and pleasure. I am afraid that this will be my first and last trip by KLM.

I hope you will handle this situation seriously and find my suitcase.

I accept from your site to compensate for my losses o time, money and disappoitmnet.

Posted by: Asli Samanci, 16 August 2008, 06:19 ( 6:19 AM)

I was about to travel to Brazil transiting Amsterdam and Paris. 3 months prior to my flight I called the KLM company here in Manila and the Air France to where I will board in my itinerary. I was told that I dont need a transit visa if I am to pass through a Schengen country. So on the day of my flight I went to the airport without a transit visa. But when I am at the customs counter they were asking for one. I wasn't able to board that day. I lost the money that I paid this airline. My problem is how will I able to refund or just rebook my lost flight due to problems in papers? I lost Php300. Had anyone know about this please email me at

Posted by: sunshine, 15 November 2008, 16:40 ( 4:40 PM)

on the 7/12/09 our flight from amsterdam was changed from 15.25 to 13.25 so we missed our flight back klm said they had not informed us and would compensate us with 500 euro due to the ec regulation 261/2004 this was on the 20/1/2010 i have sent letters, rang them, sent emails, with no response can anyone help?

Posted by: john tobin, 6 March 2010, 23:55 (11:55 PM)
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