Wednesday, 11 February 2004

"Big business joins fight against new airport screening"

Big business joins fight against new airport screening
(Christian Science Monitor, 12 February 2004)

Corporate America has joined privacy advocates in raising alarm over the Transportation Security Agency's (TSA) plans to put a massive airline-passenger screening system in place by this summer....

More than 100 members of the Business Travel Coalition sent a letter to Congress this month urging more hearings. "The awesome new power of linked and mined public- and private-sector databases" demands more scrutiny, they wrote....

For longtime critics of CAPPS, like Barry Steinhardt of the American Civil Liberties Union, the addition of the business community to the roster of concerned flyers is "pivotal." "It's crucial that business travelers who make up the backbone of the traveling public, the travel agencies, and the airlines themselves begin to wake up and realize this enormous surveillance system is going to be built and we - the traveling public - will be asked to foot the bill," says Mr. Steinhardt. "The TSA has not demonstrated that it can actually make it work or make us any safer."

[Addendum, 13 February 2004: Business Travel Coalition Statement Regarding CAPPS II, from the new BTC CAPPS II Watch]

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