Monday, 1 March 2004

Office and phone number moving day

As of today, my Monday through Friday, 9.a.m. to 6 p.m. life at has moved across Market Street to newer, larger (and, by the peculiarities of the dot-bust San Francisco real estate market, cheaper) offices between the Transbay Terminal and the Ferry Building. My new office address is:

Edward Hasbrouck, Travel Guru
Airtreks, Inc. (

301 Howard St., 4th floor
(entrance at the corner of Beale St. and Howard St.,
2 blocks south of the Embarcadero BART/Muni Metro Station)
San Francisco, CA 94105

telephone +1-415-977-7100, ext. 183
877-AIR-TREKS (877-247-8735) toll free from the USA and Canada
fax +1-415-977-7150

Meanwhile, I’ve taken advantage of the arrival in the USA of the “local number portability” that some other countries have had for years to move my “business” phone line (which I originally got as a “modem line”, but haven’t needed for years since I got DSL) to my mobile phone (“cell phone”). I’ve gotten rid of an extra phone number, and now you only have to call one number to find me (as long as I’m within GSM mobile phone coverage anyweher in the world).

I was warned that landline-to-wireless number porting could take 30-90 days — landline carriers have every reason to drag their feet — but was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly it went: a week after putting in my request, I called to check on how it was going. “Just a minute,” the technician said, put me on hold for just a minute, and while I was on hold an SMS (text message) arrived on my phone to notify me that the transfer of my old landline number — with a “VAlencia 4” exchange named after a real street nearby that I used to live on — to my new mobile phone account (more on that in a future post) had been completed.

At the same time, I’ve decided to drop some e-mail addresses I haven’t really needed since getting my own domain, including my IGC and Peacenet addresses. They used to mean something, but sadly no longer do since IGC — as part of a set of changes disturbingly similar to those around the same time at the Pacifica bradcasting network — redefined itself as no longer a membership organization, and “sold” its former members to Mindspring (which later sold them again to Earthlink). The and IGC Peacenet label still has a sentimental attachment for me, but I just can’t justify continuing to pay Earthlink every month for it.

Oh, and when my fax machine broke, I didn’t bother to replace it. There didn;t seem to be any call for it any more. And if you really need to fax me, you can do so at (see above).

So if you want to reach The Practical Nomad, you can find me at:

Edward Hasbrouck, The Practical Nomad
1130 Treat Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110
telephone +1-415-824-0214

Please update your address lists (Rolodexes? Palm Pilots? Psions?), and delete any other phone or fax numbers or addresses you may have had for me.

Link | Posted by Edward on Monday, 1 March 2004, 22:55 (10:55 PM)
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