Sunday, 21 March 2004

Application for ".travel" top-level Internet domain name renewed

A group of travel industry associations led by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and acting through Tralliance Corp. and the Travel Partnership Corporation (a sham organization operating almost entirely in secret, created by IATA to provide a non-profit front for the ".travel" sponsorship application originally made by IATA, and whose domain name currently is aliased to that of the for-profit Tralliance Corp.), has filed a renewed application with ICANN to sponsor a ".travel" top-level Internet domain name for businesses in the travel industry.

The renewed ".travel" sponsorship application repeats almost all the defects (plus some new ones) that I've identifed in my previous articles and comments to ICANN on the attempts by the travel industry to co-opt Internet domain names for travel (the proposed ".travel" and the current, little-used ".aero" for air transportation) for the exclusive use of industry, to the exclusion of consumers, industry critics, individual travellers (those who would likely make the most use of a ".travel" TLD, if it weren't limited to industry, for travel blogs, travelogues and travel journals, travel photo galleries, and the like), and other non-commercial Internet travel users and communities who aren't part of the industry of providers and sellers of travel services. But that's a distinction between a human community and an industry that ICANN, with its slavish devotion to the religion of the market, seems constitutionally incapable of recognizing.

ICANN has announced that, "A public comment period will open 1- 30 April 2004." The comment forum might be here and the e-mail address for comments might be . But those are only guesses: No URL or e-mail address for submitting comments has yet been posted on the ICANN Web site, and ICANN has a history of changing comment period dates, e-mail addresses, and URL's without notice. Given a chance, I'll submit detailed comments, and encourage other travellers to do so.

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