Friday, 30 April 2004

".travel" comment period closes, then is extended

ICANN’s comment period on the proposals for “.travel” and other proposed new sponsored top-level Internet domains closed at 11:59 a.m. UTC (03:59 a.m. PDT, 06:59 a.m. EDT) this morning. You can read my comments and the complete index of comments on the .travel application on the ICANN Web site.

A few hours later (following its usually maximally open and transparent process of complete secrecy and surprise), ICANN posted a new notice extending the comment period for another 2 weeks, until 23:50 UTC, 14 May 2004.

It would be, perhaps, too cynical to think that the primary reason for the extension of the comment period was to give the ICANN staff and board members’ buddies at IATA, the Tralliance Corp., and the Travel Partnership Corporation a chance to respond to my comments, in order to try to salvage the secret back-room deal between ICANN and IATA on .travel which I’ve exposed in earlier articles and statements from participants in closed meetings with ICANN.

But given the professed desire of both ICANN and the applicants to complete the application and evaluation process as quickly as possible, the extension of the comment period certainly suggests that things are not going as ICANN planned. (Do they plan?)

In particular, none of the ten applications to sponsor new top-level Internet domain names has prompted comments showing the level of support for the proposals from the interested communities required by the criteria in the request for proposals.

On its face, the lack of supportive comments should be grounds for summary rejection of all the current proposals. Instead, I expect we will see a determined face-saving effort by applicants during the extended comment perior to stuff the comment e-mail boxes with endorsements for their applications from their friends and front groups.

Link | Posted by Edward on Friday, 30 April 2004, 01:19 ( 1:19 AM)

Is it good idea change .com to .travel?

Posted by: Baku, 18 November 2006, 18:44 ( 6:44 PM)
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