Sunday, 2 May 2004

Choicepoint CEO opposes CAPPS-II

The Associated Press reports today that Derek V. Smith, CEO of one of the world's largest data aggregators, Choicepoint, Inc. (formerly a division of the Equifax credit bureau), opposes "the Pentagon's now-quashed Total Information Awareness system, the CAPPS II airline passenger screening system and the Matrix multistate crime and terrorism network.... To Smith, each follows a flawed model: assembling a huge pool of data on people and then mining it to look for suspicious patterns or evidence that might be relevant to a case."

Of course, as the AP story also notes, "CAPPS and Matrix get data from ChoicePoint rivals" (in the case of CAPPS-II, Choicepoint's largest and most direct competitor, Acxiom Corp.). One wonders what Smith would say if his company had succeeded in its bid for the CAPPS-II business.

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