Thursday, 20 May 2004

Europarl leaders rip European Commission "deal" with the USA on airline reservations

The European Commission decisions in the past week approving access by the USA Department of Homeland Security to European Union airline reservations, for purposes including testing of the CAPPS-II pasenger profiling and surveillance system, have prompted immediate angry responses from leaders of the European Parliament.

Statewatch reports that the heads of the two largest blocks of members of the European Parliament, Graham Watson and Johnna Boogerd-Quaak of the ELDR (Liberal Democats) and Enrique Barón Crespo of the PSE (Socialists) have each written to Europarl President Pat Cox to protest the EC's failure to wait for the opinion on the legality of the proposals, which Parliament had requested from the European Court of Justice, before attempting to finalize its decisions.

In their letters, the Europarl leaders ask Cox to place the issue on the agenda of the leadership conference scheduled for 15 June 2004, and "to take any measures you deem appropriate as soon as possible to protect the interests of this institution [i.e the Parliament]."

The European Parliament itself is not scheduled to meet again until the new members convene in July following the upcoming European Union elections, but could be called back into session to address this issue.

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