Sunday, 23 May 2004

Mixed reaction to police stops and ID checks on Mass. transit

Headlines today in Boston's two main newspapers exemplify the mixed reaction to yesterday's announcement that MBTA transit police, following training by Massachusetts state troopers (not a good sign, for those familiar with the reputation of the Mass. "staties"), plan to begin warrantless stops and "identification checks" of subway, streetcar, and commuter train passengers:

Riders protest MBTA's 'invasive' ID check plan
(Boston Herald)

T riders say they'll accept security stops, But raise concerns on racial profiling
(Boston Globe)

Perhaps the best woman-in the-street line is in the Herald:

As for who will be stopped, where they'll be stopped and what they'll be expected to produce to satisfy law enforcement, the MBTA isn't saying - and that's not sitting well with riders.

"I come from Europe. I was born during World War II and this is what the Gestapo would do,'' a local college professor, who did not want to give her name, said yesterday at South Station.

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