Saturday, 3 July 2004

"It's still a wonderful world."

The World Beckons, and American Travelers Can't Resist
Jane Engle and Christopher Reynolds, Los Angeles Times, Sunday, 4 July 2004
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In a turnaround from the travel slump after 9/11, overseas bookings and passport applications have surged this year....

Facing war, scorn, terrorism, a tentative economy, a weak dollar and daunting transatlantic fares, hundreds of thousands of American tourists have come to a resounding conclusion this summer: They don't care.

They're going on vacation, and they're going overseas, in numbers not seen for years. By every major measure and against indicators that would suggest a different picture, U.S. leisure travel abroad is surging.....

The decision to travel means "people are coming to their senses," said Edward Hasbrouck, who holds the title of "travel guru" at San Francisco-based travel agency and is the author of "The Practical Nomad," on around-the-world travel.

"They may be skeptical the first time someone says, 'You can go to places where the American government is unpopular,' " Hasbrouck said. "But the 10th or the 50th time they hear, they finally begin to believe. The word's getting out: It's still a wonderful world."

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