Tuesday, 6 July 2004

Security expert criticizes US-VISIT

US-VISIT Is No Bargain
(Bruce Schneier, eWeek, 5 July 2004)

The contract for the next phase of the US-VISIT program costs $15 billion . It also has other costs: convenience, privacy, civil liberties and distraction from the greater danger of other terrorist threats. Despite its costs, US-VISIT doesn't offer us much security in return....

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And US-visit engenders an enormous amount of resentment in friendly countries overseas. Sure we have the right to do it them; soveriegn countries can do whatever they want starting at their borders.

But I'm reaping the repercussions while I travel in an affected country.

Your biggest fan.

Posted by: Ruth, 7 July 2004, 14:34 ( 2:34 PM)
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