Sunday, 11 July 2004

The Amazing Race 6 filming underway now or soon

I got a flood of questions after the 6 July 2004 premiere episode of The Amazing Race 5 about how to apply to be a contestant/cast member in future seasons of The Amazing Race .

Casting of The Amazing Race 6 is already complete, and filming is or will be underway in July or August 2004. Watch for the yellow and red flags, epecially in airports. If you see a couple with backpacks being followed through an airport by a videographer and sound technician, take their picture or note their description, and try to figure out what flight they are coming from or to. If there are several teams, note the order in which they arrive or leave. If they are leaving the airport, and you know the area, offer them a ride, or offer to be their local guide, and you might wind up on TV!

The Amazing Race 6 will be broadcast on CBS in the USA in the fall of 2004, probably starting almost immediately after the finale of “The Amazing Race 5”, in a new time slot on Saturday nights.

Only citizens of the USA have been considered as participants in “The Amazing Race”. No Canadians need apply. I didn’t make this rule, but I don’t expect it to change. Please direct all comments, bouquets, and brickbats (not really, that’s a joke) concerning the rules to CBS-TV and/or to the producer of “The Amazing Race”, Elise Doganieri, World Race Productions, Inc., 4120 Del Rey Avenue, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, USA.

And as always, if what you want is a trip, rather than a race, don’t wait until you get picked for the cast of a TV show. Just buy yourself a ticket (and a copy of The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World, of course) and do it! It’s easier and cheaper than you think, and tens of thousands of people do it every year.

I also got lots of feedback, in blog comments and Usenet postings and by e-mail, from travellers and travel agents (a surprising number of whom turn out to be reading this blog) on my analysis of CRS deregulation and the different responses to flight queries given by computerized reservations systems used by travel agents and by retail Web sites, even when they have the same owners.

Some people asked about ITA Software (which found better conections than some other retail airfare Web sites, but not the optimum ones for the racers), and whether it is “the search engine for”. It’s not exactly: ITA Software licenses some software to, but has turned off some of its functionality so as to produce higher prices, as I’ve previously reported after seeing ITA Software demonstrate one of the disabled options. power user and amateur travel agent John Levine, who writes a FAQ of long standing in the “” Usenet newsgroup and is on’s “Consumer Advisory Committee”, figured out a way to get to display the optimal connections. But it requires that, instead of selecting the racers’ actual criteria (a known departure time), one search by arrival time, to the nearest hour.

If you guess the right hour, it shows up at the top of the list of “shortest flights”. But if you select “anytime”, or if you select the departure time, it’s not included at all, even though more than 100 slower options are shown.

Maybe it’s a bug — John says has recently “upgraded” its software. But it’s very strange that “anytime” doesn’t actually show all flights that would prioritize for specific times . And’s user interface seems much better suited for those customers who are brand-loyal to one or another of’s airline owners, and want a specific airline regardless of how slow, indirect, or expensive it is, rather than the more typical, less loyal travellers who want either the fastest flights or the cheapest flights, regardless of airline or route.

[Addendum, 26 July 2004: Applications open through 11 August 2004 for “The Amazing Race 7”.]

[Further addendum, 3 October 2004: How to apply for “The Amazing Race 8”.]

Link | Posted by Edward on Sunday, 11 July 2004, 21:45 ( 9:45 PM)

Thanks for your column. You provide some terrific information that really gives additional insight.

I was wondering about the whole currency issue on the race. It appears that they are always given their cash in US dollars. What is the best guideline for when to convert to the local currency and when to use the US dollar?

Posted by: Dotty Schaffer, 14 July 2004, 16:09 ( 4:09 PM)

Apps for Season 7 are up at

Posted by: Sonic, 23 July 2004, 19:23 ( 7:23 PM)

Just some info - I was in Budapest in August, and ran into some folks from TAR. They were doing a "test" run on Margaret Island (hot springs/baths) and in Castle Park (wine cellar restaurant) for teams arriving on or about 27 August. Margaret Island will be the detour (paddle or swim), I assume the roadblock will be at Castle Park.

Posted by: Vic, 16 September 2004, 06:45 ( 6:45 AM)

Hi I love AR, I want to know what day, and time AR6 is on, there seems to be some kind of confusion over this, I got next year, I got 9/25, I got this and that, can you give me a definite answer, ty toadie

Posted by: kimm, 22 September 2004, 07:41 ( 7:41 AM)

Kimm, the Amazing race 6 starts on October 2 on thursday at 7 central time. you can check on

Posted by: Killerdog24, 22 September 2004, 16:22 ( 4:22 PM)

HI, I was wondering if the amazing race 6 is going to take place in Whistler, Canada? I heard someone saw some of the flags their. I love the show and never miss it.
Thanks just curious.

Posted by: Marlene, 23 September 2004, 09:26 ( 9:26 AM)

When will contestants find out if they made it to the interviews ...we are hurricane survivors and have had no phone, power or electricity , and need to know, the mail is just starting to trickle in .
Thanks Merry

Posted by: Merry, 1 October 2004, 08:30 ( 8:30 AM)

When will contestants find out if they made it to the interviews ...we are hurricane survivors and have had no phone, power or electricity , and need to know, the mail is just starting to trickle in .
Thanks Merry

Posted by: Merry, 1 October 2004, 08:31 ( 8:31 AM)

I'm so proud because you held the amazing race5 here in Philippines. I hoped that on the next game of amazing race you will held it again in our country. I know that many Filipinos are proud also of what happened.I saw the game from beginning til' the end. And it was so great, esp. when they fly from New Zealand to Manila and the person who greeted them to the pit stop was the presidential daughter which was in coconut palace.
i'm so happy for them. Good Luck on the show and on the next game.God Bless.....

Posted by: ruth, 11 October 2004, 01:12 ( 1:12 AM)

Hi do you know if the contestants from TAR 6 are coming to New Zealand again? I would love to be at the airport to get some pics.


Posted by: Cathleen Adams, 16 December 2004, 04:10 ( 4:10 AM)
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