Sunday, 25 July 2004

"How to Travel Around the World" reviewed in the Chicago Tribune

The 3rd edition of The Practical Nomad: How To Travel Around the World (February 2004) is reviewed today in the travel section of the Chicago Tribune (registration and cookie acceptance required):


By Toni Stroud
Tribune staff reporter

Travel reference

The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World

Don’t even try to finish this sentence: “I could never take a big trip around the world because …” Edward Hasbrouck, travel agent, world nomad and author, has already refuted all your excuses in this third-edition bible to going global. “The Practical Nomad’s” 618 pages, uninterrupted with photos, are deeply researched and thorough. This volume might have been either exceedingly dull or tailored to the backpacker and/or GI Joe niche — plenty of similar books are. But instead, Hasbrouck brings a refreshing humility to the advice he gives: “One of my conscious goals for my first trip around the world was to learn the meaning of my ignorance…. I came back having been many places and learned may things, but with a much heightened sense of how much I don’t know and never will.” He writes with honesty, warmth and reassurance that ‘round-the-world travel is something that ordinary people can do. In fact, it’s hard to think of any world-travel scenario that isn’t covered. Where to find Internet access, and when accessing it isn’t a good idea; how, why and where you’re better off renting a car with a driver; whether it’s desirable to obtain a second passport or hold dual citizenship; understanding airline and travel-agent lingo; even a table of the Hebrew, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets are here. Hasbrouck has the answer before you even knew you needed to ask the question, and he does it all without passing judgment. And those reasons you thought you had for not taking a trip around the world? He tells you how to negotiate time off from work, take the kids with you, plan your budget and stop worrying about culture shock and language barriers. “The Practical Nomad” isn’t just informational, it’s inspirational.

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