Friday, 10 September 2004

Low business class fares from USA to Europe

I don’t normally mention specific fares, but there are some exceptionally low prices available for purchase tonight through travel agents that use the Sabre conputerized reservation system — including through, the travel agency that is a division of Sabre.

If you are planning a trip from the USA to Europe within the next year, check out the prices in business class on Scandinavian Airlines (IATA airline code “SK”), including codeshare flights with SK flight numbers but actually operated by other airlines, either from or your favorite Sabre travel agency (if they are open — don’t wait!). There are SK codeshare flights from most major USA airports.

It’s hard to tell exactly what range of routes are included in this sale, but all the itineraries like this I priced this evening in Sabre or on were about a tenth of what they usually are: a few hundred U.S. dollars (plus another US$200-250 in taxes) roundtrip, instead of several thousand dollars. In other words, business class tickets for about the usual price of discounted coach/economy class tickets.

Since it’s unadvertised, this is probably an unintentional sale. The prices are currently valid (Sabre guarantees its pricing to travel agencies that subscribe to its system) and have been available for several hours, but could disappear any second, quite literally.

[Addendum, 11 September 2004: These fares now appear to have been withdrawn, although not before I and many others got tickets issued. Congratulations to those who were able to take advantage of this in time. Bon voyage!]

[Further addendum, 7 October 2004: Scandanavian Airlines has confirmed that “hundreds” of tickets, but probably less than a thousand, were issued at these prices. SK will honor these tickets (including tickets on code-share flights operate by other airlines), with Sabre picking up the difference between what customers paid and the normal SK business-class fares. No changes can be made to schedules or flights on these tickets — if SK or codeshare airlines change their schedules, and flights no longer connect, SK will authorize full refunds.]

Link | Posted by Edward on Friday, 10 September 2004, 22:52 (10:52 PM)
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