Tuesday, 14 September 2004

The Amazing Race 5, Episode 11

Rotorua (New Zealand) - Manila (Philippines) - Cavite Province (Philippines) - Victoria (Philippines) - Manila (Philippines)

[Spoiler warning: Usually I talk about what has just happened on The Amazing Race , but this week I’m going to talk mostly about what is about to happen in the race. If you don’t want to know what country The Amazing Race 5 visits next, on its way back to the USA, don’t read this article. If you don’t want to know, as master of ceremonies Phil Keoghan asks at the start of each episode, “Which team will be eliminated… next?”, don’t look at the photos below or the other photos I’ve posted showing much more detail of the location, set, cast, and production crew.]

Judging from the volume of comments in my blog — in English, Tagalog, and (mostly) Taglish — there is no country where the televised visit of The Amazing Race (the real visit, of course, having been more than 6 months ago) has been as eagerly anticipated and enthusiatically welcomed as the Philippines, where the racers stopped for the first of two Philippine “pit stops” at the end of tonight’s episode:

As for the show I think it’s great that they had the contestants partake in situations that are unique to Philippine culture like decorating the jeepney! Also the fact that they were sent out to rural farming areas and yet there were people there who could communicate in English! I certainly hope this show brings an increased awareness of what the Philippines might be like. As you heard Nicole say, “I don’t know anything about the Philippines” with Brandon replying, “All I know is that it’s an island.” I hope the viewers will come away with more than just that!

It certainly makes me look forward to my own first visit to the Philippines, which I’m planning (with help from the Moon Handbooks: Philippines by my friend Carl Parkes , whose award-winnning Moon Handbooks: Southeast Asia has proven itself on my previous visits to the region to be a far superior guidebook for my tastes than its better-known competitors ) for the end of the year.

Only one other country, not yet visited by the race, has generated greater interest in the race, both by those who hope the race will pay a visit and those who hope to be considered for the cast in spite of not being citizens of the USA: Canada.

I don’t control the producers of this or any other television show, and I can’t change the rules they have imposed (presumably because they think these rules will maximize viewership and revenues, although there are some other possible partial excuses) that prohibit Canadian citizens from being given a change to show that they are more skillful travellers than people from the USA.

I can, however, offer Canadians half a loaf of hope: there still won’t be any Canadians in the race, but in next week’s two-hour season finale, the final three teams will stop in Canada en route back to the finish line in the USA.

As I’ve previously reported, an eyewitness spotted the racers in Canada, figured out what was happening, and sent me this description of one of the challenges as well as these photos of all of the remaining racers, after the final elimination (at the second of the pit stops in the Philippines) narrows the field to three teams:

Photo of Brandon Brandon

Photo of Nicole Nicole

Photo of Chip Chip

Photo of Kim Kim

Photo of Christie Christie

Photo of Colin Colin

Stay tuned for more details on the season finale next week!

Eyewitness description of the season finale

More detailed photos of the season finale

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Link | Posted by Edward on Tuesday, 14 September 2004, 23:43 (11:43 PM)

Where can i find a picture of the big duck in Victoria, Philippines? I love ducks.

Posted by: arnold, 15 September 2004, 23:44 (11:44 PM)

Re: Title

BTW - Victoria is in Laguna province, if you want to know.


Posted by: Christopher Sundita, 16 September 2004, 10:38 (10:38 AM)

Thanks for the info. I had figured out the location of Victoria, but it is always helpful to get confirmation of details like this.

What I really want to know is what municipality the jeepney factory is in -- it was identified only as somewhere in Cavite Province. (Note that the racers went to "Malaguena Motors", not the well-known Surao Motors near Las Pinas). If anyone knows, please post the answer here.

I've had a difficult time deciding when to include province or state designations for destinations visited by the race. I'm doing it consistently for the USA, Canada, and Mexico. I think I've been inconsistent for India. I haven't generally for other countries, although I considered it for Argentina and Brazil. What do you think?

Practically speaking, it's sometimes hard to identify which state or province the racers were in, and I'm usually writing my columns at 3 a.m., with no chance to consult anyone else.

In general, my rules for myself have been to list only those destinations the racers were required to visit, and not to list separate places within the same metropolitan area. So, for example, if their instructions are to drive from separate town or place P to airport or city Q and then fly to city or airport R, I will list the route as P (Country) - Q (Country) - R (Country). But I won't list other places S, T, or U they drove through between P and Q, or airport V, W, or X where they changed planes between Q and R. I only list places wher the racres change planes or busses if they are required to do so in a specific place.

Posted by: Edward Hasbrouck, 16 September 2004, 12:44 (12:44 PM)

i think Malaguena Motors is in Kawit, Cavite...

Posted by: Cel, 16 September 2004, 17:16 ( 5:16 PM)

Just letting you know that "Sarao Motors" has closed shop (they went bankcrupt) either last year or last 2002. Too bad AR wasn't able to film in the Philippines earlier. Sarao jeepneys are considered icons in the Philippines.

Posted by: Chiway, 17 September 2004, 00:27 (12:27 AM)

just to clarify...

malaguena motors is in IMUS, a town in the province of Cavite...

Posted by: clare, 17 September 2004, 23:04 (11:04 PM)

My friends and I were at the edge of our seat when we watched the Philippine leg of AR. I did a double take when I heard that they were heading for Victoria, Laguna too. Not that I'm from Victoria (I lived in a different town), it was kewl to know. :)

Posted by: Raine, 18 September 2004, 02:13 ( 2:13 AM)

I was so thrilled when I found out about TAR5 visiting the Philippines. It was the main reason why I tuned in from the very start. Now, I am hooked. I am looking forward to the coming seasons of the show.

My favorites in TAR5 are really not crowd favorites. But I think they are the best team and they deserve to win. I hope they do win.

Mabuhay TAR5! Thanks for visiting the Philippines!

Posted by: Carlo, 18 September 2004, 22:29 (10:29 PM)

great entry! thank for the nice words about the phils. this leg will surely add more filipino viewers, i know coz i'm one of them.

i hope you enjoy your visit.

Posted by: neil, 19 September 2004, 04:04 ( 4:04 AM)

Wow, thanks for the photos! I live in Canada, and it's really nice to know they came here. Also great to know Colin and Christie are still in it. :) I really hope they win.

Posted by: Lindsay, 19 September 2004, 15:19 ( 3:19 PM)

is it true they are passing through El Nido Palawan too?

Posted by: rona, 21 September 2004, 01:21 ( 1:21 AM)

i don't get it... was this edited out, or was i napping at the finale? but these are great pictures :)

Posted by: michiko, 21 September 2004, 20:36 ( 8:36 PM)

i take it that your source was way wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: sharon, 21 September 2004, 21:09 ( 9:09 PM)

thank you, cbs for coming to the philippines. you did a good job in showing to the world what the philippines can offer. you have shown part of philippine history and culture. most of all, you have shown some of the best tourist destinations in the country. i hope this will boost the philippine tourism industry and help the philippine economy. after the episode in manila, a lot of people became curious about the philippines. congratulations CBS!!!

Posted by: gina, 22 September 2004, 11:49 (11:49 AM)

ei, i saw AR5 wen they went here in Imus, Cavite! we Rock! MalaGuena RePreSenTs BaBy!

Posted by: LooTAh, 23 September 2004, 11:51 (11:51 AM)

i cant belive cbs cut the teepee chalenge it would have been nice to see them do more stuff here in canada.. anyways i hope they come to canada in tar6 !!

Posted by: AJ, 25 September 2004, 21:23 ( 9:23 PM)

I really love TAR5 esp. chip & kim who have played the game only to the last parts of the race...they enjoyed first and thats whats important...collin & christie are so competitive...Christie even commented in El Nido that she believes in Karma...well I guess they are the ones that suffered the Karma she's mentioning. I like Brandon & Nicole too...except when they are tagging behind Chip & Kim, they should have come out of the boat & check if thats the Philippine flag instead they are asking Chip & Kim...its their fault that Chip & Kim lied to them...

I'd lik to thank CBS for choosing Phils as one of the Pitstops. And of course to all the contestants who have seen the beauty of the Philippines

Posted by: Lalaine, 26 September 2004, 23:41 (11:41 PM)

ey, i really love the amazing race 5... im sooo happy and proud that they came here in the Philippines.. =) thanks so much... i hope there would be another TAR Philippine leg soon..

Posted by: yen-yen, 10 October 2004, 22:39 (10:39 PM)

Does anyone know any specific directions to get to Malaguena Motors? I'd like to go there during my holidays in the Philippines...

Posted by: Neobie, 8 November 2004, 05:28 ( 5:28 AM)

i hope next time that they will visit philippines, the would have the complete rout info like the roadblock and fast forward...

Posted by: bandrew, 18 January 2005, 01:46 ( 1:46 AM)

I knew the race was coming to the Philippines but I wasnt able to watch it. Do you know where i can read a blow by blow account of what happened? thanks my email add is ino.sotto@gmail.com Thanks a lot.

Posted by: dan, 2 March 2005, 08:27 ( 8:27 AM)

gud am am glenn pitoy from the philippines i want to feature sarao factory in amazing 5 on studio 23
am interesting to see jeepneys and the owner of the factory edgardo sarao he is my aunt classmate in st anthony school batch 77 in singalong manila
can post the jeepneys and puj in the internet my email address glenn@yahoo.com
god bless
glenn pitoy from the philippines

Posted by: glenn p,.pitoy, 4 September 2005, 19:18 ( 7:18 PM)

I was sooo glad that the Amazing Race visited the Philippines. Its a great opening for us Filipinos that weve been a great friend to the United States, only almost all of the Americans dont know that..

Posted by: edward, 7 November 2005, 01:46 ( 1:46 AM)

i really like for the AR to visit the Philippines again. This time, i wish it will be in CEBU, the oldest city in the Philippines..

Posted by: edward, 7 November 2005, 02:00 ( 2:00 AM)

Very good information .... Thanks guy...

Posted by: Anonymous, 15 September 2010, 04:40 ( 4:40 AM)

I researched Malaguena Motors in Google, and its actually based in Imus, a class city in Cavite province.

Posted by: anonymous, 16 February 2014, 05:09 ( 5:09 AM)
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