Tuesday, 5 October 2004

ICANN publishes non-strategy for new domain names

As noted at ICANNWatch , ICANN has published for comment a purported strategy for the introduction of new generic top-level Internet domain names.

I’ve posted comments in response, pointing out that the ICANN document fails to actually define a strategy, and that it misrepresents as comprehensive the consultant’s report ICANN had commissioned, which acknowledged my outstanding questions but said they were outside its scope.

According to e-mail messages I received today from Kent Krispin at ICANN, comments to the public forum are being added to the Web archive manually, after those considered by ICANN staff to be spam or viruses are deleted. The comment forum supposedly opened last Friday, but no comments were actually posted to the ICANN Web site until today, after I queried ICANN about why my comments, twice submitted, still hadn’t shown up on the Web after more than 24 hours.

For more background on what’s happeneing and why it matters, see the section of my Web site on ICANN, domain-name politics, and top-level Internet domain names for travel including “.aero” (already in operation under the sponsorship of SITA, although little uses) and “.travel” (for which an apliocation remains pending).

Link | Posted by Edward on Tuesday, 5 October 2004, 12:14 (12:14 PM)

ICANN or I CANNot that is the question

Well, it seems we should irregardless of the way we feel. With Google now indexing .otherdomainextensions much higher than .com extensions irregardless of relevance to the topics or subject, I guess this is the way the web is going to go now; at least for the time being until Google realises (or maybe not) that it doesn't help any of us to find .co.uk, .travel or .other domains with very little (relevant) information and a lot of affiliate links than to find a really well informed .com domain with tons of useful information (presently ranking much lower than a .otherextension domain with much less useful information).

I assume that Google will find a way to get around this but for the time being, having other domain extensions will put you in a much better position for getting tons of traffic. The newer, the better since the amount of sites on each extension seems to also have a considerable impact on placing in Google.

With each new domain extension, the possibilities for marketing remain boundless. Which reminds me, I got to get up and start building the only two other domain extensions I own other than the (now becoming useless) .com domains.

Domain Name Owner

Posted by: Linda Stewart, 13 June 2005, 10:36 (10:36 AM)
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