Wednesday, 13 October 2004

Bush, Kerry, Nader respond to questions on the draft

Three of the Presidential candidates — Bush, Kerry, and Nader — have responded in writing today to questions about the military draft posed by young voters in an online debate.

Unfortunately, the questions and answers failed to address the real issues of whether there will be a draft.

There was no statement from any of these three candidates along the lines of, “I will issue (I am issuing) a proclamation exercising my power as President immediately to end draft registration,” or “I will propose to Congress (I am proposing to Congress) legislation to abolish the Selective Service System.”

Nor did any of these three candiates mention a draft of health care workers — the (false) assumption behind both the questions and the answers is that the only draft to consider is a general cannon-fodder draft of young people.

(Oddly, neither the Green Party nor Libertarian Party candidates were given the opportunity to participate, despite the facts that an online debate doesn’t need to impose any time or space limitation, that the Libertarian party is on the ballot in almost every state — many more states than Nader—, and that the Green Party got more votes than any other party except the Republicans and Democrats in the 2000 presidential election.)

Link | Posted by Edward on Wednesday, 13 October 2004, 09:18 ( 9:18 AM)
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