Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Red Sox Nation

It was actually happening. The nerd was kissing the homecoming queen. Paper was beating scissors; scissors were beating rock. Charlie Brown was kicking the football. The Red Sox were beating the Yankees for the American League pennant. [Tyler Kepner, The New York Times]

On my bookshelf — along with foul balls from Candlestick Park and the Oakland Coliseum (where I saw the Sox go behind two games to none last year, then come back to win in three straight — only to lose the pennant to the Yankees in seven games) — is a fair ball off the bat of Rick Burleson that I caught for a ground-rule double one fine Sunday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, 17 September 1978. I can still see it kicking up the dust just inside the foul line, and spinning softly up into my hands on that one bounce, just before the charging Yankee right fielder could cut it off. And I still remember the beauty of Dennis Eckersley’s starting and winning pitching that day. Ten days earlier, my brother and I had waited four hours in the bleacher ticket line to see the first game of the Boston Massacre in the teams’ previous series at Fenway Park, and it was so sweet to see the Red Sox start to come back. I may be biased, but I think that was the last time before this week that the Red Sox won such a crucial game against the Yankees: the next time they met was in the one-game playoff the Red Sox lost at Fenway on 1 October 1978.

Today is the first anniversary of my launch of this blog. I was hoping to have something celebratory to say, but I think I have enough to celebrate already tonight. And if the World Series goes to seven games, the finale will be on my mother’s birthday: Halloween night. With my father, she sat through the Red Sox’ loss to the Cardinals in the seventh game of the 1967 World Series at Fenway. Here’s hoping this birthday gives her something extra to celebrate.

[Updated Thursday, 21 October 2004, to add the quote from this morning’s New York Times]

Link | Posted by Edward on Wednesday, 20 October 2004, 22:32 (10:32 PM)

I love you!!!!

Posted by: you know who, 21 October 2004, 12:45 (12:45 PM)
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