Thursday, 17 March 2005

"Identification and Anonymity of Travellers" at CFP

The program for this year’s Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference 12-15 April in Seattle has been posted.

I’ll be giving a presentation on “Identification and Anonymity of Travellers” as part of an all-day workshop on “Vanishing Anonymity” organized by The Anonymity Project on Tuesday, 12 April. The workshop, and the conference, will also include discusssions of other travel-related topics including anonymous road tolls and travel and the privacy risks of new passport technologies .

If you’re interested in hosting a presentation while I’m in the area, let me know ASAP.

If you’re on a budget, Hostelling International - Seattle has dorm beds for US$19 per person per night, less than half a mile from the expensive conference hotel. (Few attendees sleep much during CFP anyway — conference sessions are scheduled until after midnight — and even fewer stay in their hotel rooms while they are awake.)

If you are coming from elsewhere on the west coast of the USA, check the prices on Amtrak . The Bush administration has proposed to eliminate all Federal funding for Amtrak, in order to force it to shut down most of its service. (There’s no comparable proposal to eliminate Federal funding and subsidies for road, air, or water transportation.) But for now, Amtrak is both a bargain and a great travel experience. Enjoy it while you can — and tell Congress to keep it alive.

You can get a 10% discount on Amtrak fares by joining the National Association of Railroad Passengers . NARP membership can pay for itself in discounts in just one or two Amtrak trips.

At the moment, there’s an even better deal: enter promo code V212 on the Web site for a 25% discount on West Coast Amtrak fares. That brings the round-trip fare to Seattle from the San Francisco Bay area, in a seat larger and more comfortable than first class on most airlines, down to as little as US$117 — less than half the price of the cheapest coach-class airline ticket.

And you can even earn mileage credits in the Alaska Airlines frequent flyer program for west coast Amtrak rail travel. “Simply ask your on-board conductor for a Mileage Accrual form, fill it out, and return it to the conductor before you disembark.” Or redeem Alsaka Airlines miles for Amtrak travel. It takes only 5000 mileage points for a round-trip Amtrak ticket within the Pacific Northwest, or within California.

Link | Posted by Edward on Thursday, 17 March 2005, 23:11 (11:11 PM)

Does anybody know??? Do you know exactly what the information is that the customs officier has in front on him/her when they swipe your passport through the mystry box? What is is that they can pull up on the screen??? Your DOB, address, etc. but what else? Criminal records? Driving record? Profession? Marriage data? Etc...

I heard that Canada does NOT allow anybody with a DUI into their country. So how do they know if you ever had a DUI? Or any trouble with any law enforcment etc.???

Posted by: Spyder, 20 July 2005, 08:45 ( 8:45 AM)
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