Friday, 18 March 2005

"Around the World in Eight Days"

No, the headline above is not a typo.

Last month I arranged flights for a trip around the world in eight (8) days by USA Today travel reporter Laura Bly. She tells the story of her trip and how she planned it in today’s Friday weekend travel section, concluding:

While no globe trotter in his or her right, un-jetlagged mind would duplicate my whirlwind trip, I wouldn’t trade a nanosecond.

Want to do it yourself? See my books and the rest of this Web site, starting with my top tips for travel around the world .

Here’s more about the trip from , where I work:

Airtreks and The Practical Nomad send USA Today “Around the World in Eight Days”

SAN FRANCISCO, March 18, 2005 — In 1873, Jules Verne defined an enduring travel fantasy with his novel, “Around the World in Eighty Days”.

In 1889-1890, New York World reporter Nellie Bly proved that a trip around the world in 80 days was possible in reality (and by a single woman), not just by men in a novel.

Now, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Jules Verne’s death, has slashed that record, sending USA Today travel reporter Laura Bly (no relation to Nellie Bly), around the world in just eight whirlwind days!

Laura Bly’s solo air trek, chronicled in today’s edition of USA Today , in Bly’s blog and photos , and in a series of articles on the Web site, started with a visit to the art installation “The Gates” in Central Park in New York, and included tai chi and acupuncture in Hong Kong, a full-moon tour of the Taj Mahal in India, well-earned mid-trip pampering at one of the world’s most luxurious hotels in Dubai, a camel ride past the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Reform Club in London (where Jules Verne’s fictional Phileas Fogg started and ended his 80-day trip), and a final soak in an outdoor hot geothermal spa in mid-winter Iceland before returning home to Washington, DC.

Bly’s tightly scheduled flights were arranged with the efficient help of Airtreks’ around-the-world expert Edward Hasbrouck and cost US$2635 including taxes. That’s more than a thousand dollars less than the cheapest around-the-world ticket available from any of the major airline alliances, and many “RTW” tickets from cost even less. is the world leader in around-the-world travel, and Airtreks’ travel guru, Edward Hasbrouck, is the author of the definitive planning guidebook, The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World . Each customer works personally with one of Airtreks’ well-travelled consultants to help them optimize their trip.

If you want to follow Bly’s path, tickets are currently available through for $2499 plus tax. And you don’t have to do it in just eight days: you can take until November 30th to enjoy the sights and activities along the way. Or you can customize your own trip, and get instant online price estimates at for tickets on alternate routes around the world, starting from as little as $1500.

“People think that a trip around the world takes an impossible amount of time and money. But that’s not true, and this trip proves it.” Hasbrouck says. “A trip around the world is within the means, the time, and the money of almost anyone who decides to make their dream come true. There’s no longer any excuse not to fulfill your travel fantasy.”

Link | Posted by Edward on Friday, 18 March 2005, 00:58 (12:58 AM)

Awesome cost-saving article. I'm happy I stumbled upon your website. Thanks.

Posted by: Carlos, 28 July 2010, 12:55 (12:55 PM)
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