Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Travel ID and the Travel Panopticon

Photo of Edward Hasbrouck at CFP 2005
Photo thanks to Fred Carter, Pyrik Photography

Linked below are the handout and notes from my presentation on “Travel ID and the Travel Panopticon” during today’s workshop, “Keeping an Eye on the Panopticon: Vanishing Anonymity” at the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2005 conference in Seattle:

  • Handout: Chapter on Travel Privacy from “Privacy and Human Rights” (EPIC and Privacy International, 2004), principally authored by Edward Hasbrouck with important contributions by Marcia Hofmann and others
  • Notes: Travel ID and the Travel Panopticon
Link | Posted by Edward on Tuesday, 12 April 2005, 16:57 ( 4:57 PM)

Great research - I share your concerns about privacy but perhaps not with the same vigor. You know, regardless of how CAPPSII/Secure Flight play out, it's still going to be a no win for the TSA. Personally, I like the idea of an opt-in system for trusted traveler. My Sabre colleagues and I think the concept is highly leveragable (that a word?) and we intend to see if we can get buy in. I enjoy your blog.


Posted by: Gary Potter, 13 April 2005, 12:26 (12:26 PM)

I am fully optimized with your well organized contribution in travel world. I wish to receive regular update of your work.

Wishing you a good health and sucess in all your ongoing work assignments.

Best regards

Posted by: shoukat, 30 November 2005, 22:08 (10:08 PM)

This blog was mentioned in a thread on Fark.com about some kind of proposal initiated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to deny people either entry or exit of America.

Have you heard anything about that proposal? Any bill number or legislation anywhere by anyone? Thomas.loc.gov, for example? I'd really like some concrete proof of this happening before I strip and clean my guns.

Posted by: Valarius, 4 November 2006, 20:21 ( 8:21 PM)
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