Tuesday, 3 May 2005

The Amazing Race 7, Episode 9

Istanbul (Turkey) - London, England (U.K.)

Now that all but the final three teams have been eliminated from this season of The Amazing Race , I won’t be spoiling any of the plot by revealing who was among those final teams. So without further ado, I can now share this account provided to me just after the final episode was filmed by reader Steve Fabersur:

On a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami Florida on December 18, 2004:

Onboard in coach: a couple dressed in nearly identical light blue outfits with backpacks, videographer (broadcast quality Beta cam), soundman with baffled fishpole mike and separate audio tape machine. In the forward cabin, about a half-dozen production staff types. Upon arrival the couple dashed down the aisle, through the jetway and toward the terminal building, shooting all the time. (The cameraman collided with an oncoming catering cart as they rounded a blind corner.)

This was the only couple being filmed on this flight, but that makes some sense since, per the published shooting schedule, they would have possibly been down to the final three at that point.

[Additional comments form Steve this week:] I knew from the opening episode. It’s Ron and Kelly. And they were wearing the powder blue shirts they were wearing when then had to dump all their possessions at the end of last week’s episode. Now, how the race moves from Istanbul to San Juan, Puerto Rico ????????????.

Here’s some further info. Ron and Kelly were the only Amazing Race couple on the plane. The flight was delayed, and they really hustled bolting through the terminal. (As a matter of fact, if you see them barreling past a fabulous-looking middle aged couple dragging rollaround suitcases behind them, that’s my wife and me).

The interesting thing is that the camera crew shot very little stuff prior to the flight. You would think that they would pick up shots of them in the gate area, fretting over the delay, plus shots of them boarding the flight, but the only time the camera was turned on was during the flight (they were many rows behind us, so I don’t know what the shots were), but the flight attendant got on the PA and ordered them to stop filming. I’m led to believe the possibility that Ron and Kelly were eliminated in tonight’s episode, and that the flight from San Juan may have been their return flight home (or to the finish line) and that the filming taking place was a series of “pick up” shots that could be used anywhere else in the race they needed shots of them in their airplane seats, running through a concourse, etc.

One little bit of trivia. When I asked Kelly what they were filming, her response was “A travel documentary.” I would be willing to be that that is the stock response they are instructed to give to such questions.

Stay tuned for the finale! I’m off to Southern Africa myself next month, although it’s still unclear exactly how many of the sites visited by the race this season I’ll pass through.

Link | Posted by Edward on Tuesday, 3 May 2005, 23:59 (11:59 PM)

Glad for the outcome of Amazing Race 7. Appreciate any info. you could provide leading to official entry rules and how to enter. Thanks for the help.

Posted by: Melanie, 12 May 2005, 15:11 ( 3:11 PM)

It didn't occur to you that Ron and Kelly were alone on that flight because they were in last place?!? Thanks for spoiling me!!!

Posted by: Jason, 13 May 2005, 23:13 (11:13 PM)

would love to see an article on the final episode. specifically your take on the flight that came back for u+j.


Posted by: kh, 14 May 2005, 19:39 ( 7:39 PM)
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