Friday, 3 June 2005

".travel" TLD moving forward despite my request for independent review

Ignoring my request that the launch of the .travel top-level Internet domain (TLD) be stayed pending independent review of the process by which it was approved, Tralliance Corp. (a subsidiary of the financially troubled, operating in conjunction with an insolvent sham entity called the “Travel Partnership Corp.” (TTPC) and apparently acting as a front for the airline cartel IATA under a still-secret 22 October 2002 memorandum of understanding between IATA and Tralliance), says today that Tralliance is preparing actively for pre-authentication of applicants for “.travel” domain names to commence 1 July 2005, and for a limited launch of “.travel” registrations 1 September 2005, “as prescribed by ICANN”.

ICANN hasn’t even acknowledged my request for a stay, and has taken no action on it or my request for independent review — both rights guaranteed by ICANN’s bylaws, and promised by ICANN to the USA Department of Commerce (DOC). The DOC must give its approval before “.travel” can be added to the root name servers, but they haven’t responded to my request either. I still don’t know whether ICANN has requested or recommended to the DOC, or whether the DOC has approved, such an action.

The notice posted on the Tralliance Web site also says that “travel industry businesses and organizations that are not members of an authenticating travel association” will be eligible to register “.travel” domain names only if they have a Dun and Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number and are approved by Dun and Bradsteet.

Nothing about Dun and Bradstreet’s eligibility decision-making criteria or procedures has been disclosed by ICANN, Tralliance, TTPC, or D & B. And it’s not clear whether individuals, civil society entities, or other would-be registrants that are not “businesses” are eligible for a D-U-N-S Number, highlighting the economic reductionism, corporatism, and producer-centric (and anti-consumer, anti-“civil society”) worldview under which, for purposes of “.travel”, travel as a sphere of activity and aspect of life continues to be co-opted by by the travel industry.

Link | Posted by Edward on Friday, 3 June 2005, 12:01 (12:01 PM)

I love reading about your columns so I added yours to mine.

I'm a huge Amazing Race fan.

Posted by: Cheryl, 3 June 2005, 16:17 ( 4:17 PM)

Forget the "insolvent sham entity called Travel Partnership Corp", Tralliance cut a deal to sell themselves to, Inc. The principal player in both Trilliance and Travel Partnership Corp were organized by the same person, Ronald Andruff.....Andruff cut another secret deal to sell Tralliance to Inc as soon as Trilliance was awarded the TLD business by ICAAN as soon as it happened. That transaction took place and Andruff got both cash and stock and ownership went to, Inc (TGLO). Now Inc. is also an insolvent company, having just gotten 1.5 million in cash to keep the doors open. The "loan" to was made by the principals of Inc., Michael Egan and Ed Cespedes. They have a demand note giving them all the assets of as security. As soon as files chapter 7, Michael Egan, President of Certified Vacations, Inc. will own the assets of Trilliance which is only the TLD just awarded by ICAAN. That is the deal and who will really end up with the TLD. It is all documented in SEC filings if you care to "follow the bread crumbs".

Posted by: Bob Sterling, 8 June 2005, 05:10 ( 5:10 AM)

I must say its a great post. Keep up the good work.

Patrick Loweri

Posted by: Patrick Loweri, 4 May 2006, 08:34 ( 8:34 AM)
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