Tuesday, 14 February 2006

ICANN's "Manager of Public Participation" hired away by al-Jazeera

Really. I've posted the details at ICANNWatch.org.

(I was in Doha, Qatar, last year, but unfortunately al-Jazeera wasn't giving tours of their control room .)

[Addendum, 26 February 2006: Danny Younger has posted the reply he received from ICANN's Ombudsman to his complaint regarding the vacancy of this Bylaws-mandated staff position. In Ombudsman Frank Fowlie's opinion, "much of the work of the Manager, Public Participation has been ably and competently carried out by various members of the ICANN staff in the interim", despite the pervasive public complaints about high-handed actions by ICANN staff and the lack of openness, transparency, and opportunity for public participation in ICANN's decision-making.]

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