Sunday, 26 February 2006

"The Amazing Race 9" starts Tuesday; "Amazing Race Asia" applications open

Broadcasts of a new season of the reality television travel show The Amazing Race start this Tuesday, 28 February 2006 on CBS-TV in the USA. The Amazing Race 9 is back to the original format of a race around the world by teams of two people. This week’s two-hour premiere will be from 9-11 p.m. ET/PT, 8-10 p.m. CT/MT. Subsequent weeks 1-hour episodes are scheduled for 10-11 p.m. ET/PT, 9-10 p.m. CT/MT (one hour later than broadcasts of previous seasons). Set your VCR’s and Tivo’s for Tuesday!

CBS has already posted profiles of the racers on their Web site for the new season. Of course, I’ll once again be providing “morning after” commentary here and in my e-mail newsletter .

You’ll also be able to find my columns on “The Amazing Race” through , a new service that will be offering blogs, articles, audio and video commentary, and forums for fans to chat about “The Amazing Race” and other shows.

I’ve gotten permisison to give you a sneak preview of their beta Web site here . Sign in with the user name “BetaPreview” and password “TVj*2006” (case sensitive, without the quotation marks). Once you’ve signed in, check out the main page and the forum for “The Amazing Race”.

According to the beta site, BuddyTV will be featuring commentary on “The Amazing Race” by former cast members: “Team Guido” (Bill and Joe), Kevin (of Kevin and Drew), and Paul and Amie from The Amazing Race 1 ; Tian (of Tian and Jaree) from The Amazing Race 4 ; and Susan (of Susan and Patrick) and Kelley (of Kelly and Ron) from The Amazing Race 7 .

Meanwhile, The Amazing Race 7 has been released on DVD , following the earlier DVD release of The Amazing Race 1 . There’s no word on whether, or when, seasons 2 through 6 or 8 will be available on DVD.

Finally, there’s exiting news for those of you in Asia who’ve been bombarding me with comments about why CBS only allows citizens of the USA to compete in “The Amazing Race”. I don’t produce the show, and I don’t make the rules, but apparently someone is beginning to get the message: the rights to produce an Asian regional edition of “The Amazing Race” — the first version open to citizens of countries other than the USA — have been licensed to Singapore-based AXN, the cable and satellite channel that has been carrying same-day broadcasts in Asia of the USA edition of “The Amazing Race”.

The Amazing Race Asia is now accepting applications through 15 March 2006 from citizens of any country who are “living or working” in “all of Asia excluding Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Middle East.” I don’t know what they define as “The Middle East”, but I presume that their definition of Asia includes the Philippines, where “The Amazing Race” appears to have been most popular. Everything you need to apply is on the AXN Web site. How do I tell you, “Good luck!”, in Tagalog/Pilipino?

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