Friday, 24 March 2006

ICANN action. (Not.)

ICANN’s week-long series of meetings in Wellington, New Zealand, is scheduled to have begun a few hours ago, and the public meeting of ICANN’s Board of Directors is scheduled for less than 7 days from now.

An agenda for the Board meeting should have been posted by now, according to ICANN’s Bylaws . But no agenda has been posted, casting doubt on the validity of any action the Board tries to take. And there’s no indication that the Board plans to take any action to deliver on the public promise , made to me during their last face-to-face meeting in Vancouver in December 2005, that ICANN would allow an independent review, in accordance with its Bylaws, of its lack of openness and transparency, as I’ve been requesting since almost a year ago.

Requests made this month for reconsideration of the Board’s decisions on ICANN’s decisions to settle lawsuits with Verisign, and to extend and modify the terms for Verisign’s operation of the “.com” registry, were posted this week on ICANN’s Web site. But my request for reconsideration of the secrecy of Board telephone conference calls, made 11 months ago, is still nowhere to be found on the ICANN Web site.

I’ve written to ICANN yet again today to point all this out. Wish me luck.

(And if you’re in Wellington, remind the Board— and the observers from the USA Department of Commerce — that ICANN isn’t following its Bylaws, or keeping its promises.)

[Addendum: There is also a mention in one of the resolutions adopted by ICANN’s Board of Directors in July 2005 of a Reconsideration Request RR 05-01 , which according to ICANN’s numbering scheme for reconsideration requests would mean the first reconsideration request made during 2005. This appears to have been similar to my request, but according to the transcript of the Reconsideration Commitee’s report on this request, it refers to a request by Bret Fausett , not to my request. I can’t tell exactly what this request said, since there’s neither any request 05-01 nor any request at all from 2005 (from Mr. Fausett, myself, or anyone else), listed or posted in the docket on the Reconsideration Committee Web page , and there’s still been no publicly disclosed 2005 annual report from the Reconsideration Committee.]

Link | Posted by Edward on Friday, 24 March 2006, 16:13 ( 4:13 PM)
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