Monday, 17 April 2006

Newsweek travel tip sheet: "A Vacation Well Spent"

Travel: A Vacation Well Spent (by Ramin Setoodeh, Newsweek, 24 April 2006 print issue):

The average American will take eight vacation days this summer—and spend several hundred dollars to get there. To help you plan ahead, we asked … for advice on how to save some change. Here are their top tips.

  • Quick! Get a ticket. Fuel prices, along with industry pressure to increase profits, are pushing flight prices to the sky. In February, domestic travelers paid an average 12.9 cents per mile flown, up 12.4 percent from last year, according to the Air Transport Association. And prices are likely to keep increasing in the peak season. The lesson: cheap seats are scarce; get to a computer now….
  • Oh, the places you’ll go. Europe is a hot spot in the summer. So fly elsewhere—and you won’t need to worry about high airfares or the weak dollar. Two good bets: Latin America and Asia, says Edward Hasbrouck, author of The Practical Nomad ….
  • But if it’s last minute … you might not want to book at all, says Hasbrouck. “The front desk has de facto power” to lower the rate for walk-in guests if there are vacancies. But you need to be willing to bargain—and move on to another hotel.
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