Friday, 28 April 2006

AP on summer air travel

Air travel: Book now, or book later? (by Stephanie Hoo, Associated Press, 18 April 2006):

Plan to fly this summer? Experts say you should book now because already-high airfares are only going to continue skyward thanks to rising fuel costs and other financial woes at the nation’s carriers….

Is it wise to buy tickets far in advance when the carrier is bankrupt, as with Delta or Northwest?…

Bankruptcy “means the airline itself cannot make any promises about future operations,” says Edward Hasbrouck, author of The Practical Nomad.

In other words, the airline’s fate is in the hands of a bankruptcy court, which has an obligation to the carrier’s creditors, not its customers. Risky? Hasbrouck thinks so.

And while federal rules require other airlines to honor tickets issued by a collapsed carrier, that’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get a seat precisely when you want on the route you want, he adds.

Link | Posted by Edward on Friday, 28 April 2006, 19:29 ( 7:29 PM)
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