Friday, 28 April 2006

KGO-TV on frequent flyer miles

New Rules For Redeeming Frequent Flyer Miles ("7 on Your Side", ABC 7 / KGO-TV, San Francisco, 28 April 2006):

If you like to travel, you probably belong to a frequent flyer program or have a credit card that helps you earn miles. But many of the major players are now changing the rules on how you earn and redeem those miles.

A travel expert we talk to says you can expect the value of your frequent flyer miles to decrease as more programs tighten their redemption policies. This could also mean fewer opportunities to redeem those miles....

Edward Hasbrouck calls himself the travel guru of Airtreks.com, an Internet based travel agency in San Francisco specializing in international trips. He warns frequent flyers that it may be difficult to redeem those miles, no matter what they are worth.

Edward Hasbrouck, Airtreks.com: "There are actually fewer seats available on domestic routes in the U.S. than last year and so it's much harder to get a seat for a frequent flyer award." ...

The biggest airline to recently announce changes to its frequent flyer program is United.... Hasbrouck expects American, Delta and other major carriers to follow United's lead.

[Supposedly the KGO Web site provides video on demand, but I couldn't get their video player to launch in any browser I tried. If anyone can capture the video of this segment, please let me know. Thanks!]

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