Tuesday, 13 June 2006

SITA responds to my objections to ".aero" renewal

Last month, ICANN posted a letter sent by SITA — the sponsor of the .aero top-level Internet domain for air transportation — in response to my objections to the renewal of SITA’s franchise from ICANN to “sponsor” .aero.

SITA mis-states some of my objections (such as by confusing my demand for transparent decision-making with a demand for a “veto” of decisions), and ignores others.

For example, I had pointed out to ICANN that SITA was (and is) in material breach of its contractual commitment to openness and transparency, including specific requirements for decision-making procedures and information required to be made available on SITA’s Web site for .aero:

Nothing on the Web site at http://www.information.aero provides any information to members of the Sponsored TLD Community, or the global Internet community, as to how “any interested person or entity” can “participate in the sTLD”, especially in formulating .aero policies.

In response, SITA refers — without identifying them — to “the particular people SITA has asked to discharge this role” of representing various community groups, including the aviation media, on the Dot Aero Council, and claims that:

At no time in the history of the Dot Aero Council has an individual member of a community group approached the representative with a particular concern.

Of coure they haven’t!

How could they, when SITA nowhere identifies who this “representative” is, or how they can be contacted, or what proposals are being considered bgy SITA and the Dot Aero Council (which meets in secret) which might give rise to any concerns?

As I pointed out in my complaint, the Dot Aero Council Web site is password protected, and open only to members. SITA’s Web site lists no representative for for most of the categories of registrants included in the .aero community, including members of the aviation media such as myself. There’s not even any indication that there is such a purported “representative” of the interests of any of the unlisted categories.

There’s been no sign yet of when ICANN will consider SITA’s .aero sponsorship renewal application. But SITA’s response to my objections helps show why its application should be denied.

Link | Posted by Edward on Tuesday, 13 June 2006, 10:10 (10:10 AM)
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