Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Forward-looking statements

Silver Bay, New York, USA

After eight productive and rewarding years as the staff "Travel Guru" at Airtreks.com in San Francisco, today is my last day as an employee. I'll remain a paid affiliate of Airtreks.com , and they still have my endorsement and recommendation. (Tell them I sent you, and your purchases of around-the-world tickets through Airtreks.com will help support my work.) But I'll no longer be working out of their office, or involved in day-to-day operations.

Tomorrow I embark on a new adventure: trying to make a living from full-time writing through my Web site and books, possibly supplemented by some consulting. (I'm open to any sufficiently interesting offers.)

I'll be on vacation at Silver Bay on Lake George until after the 4th of July. When I get back, I'll begin work on some long-overdue updates and enhancements to my Web site.

You'll also start seeing more advertisements (clearly labeled as such) on this Web site, as well as some paid affiliate links from a limited number of providers of travel services that I personally recommend. I hope that you will accept these as the price of my being able to devote more of my time to providing you with travel advice, tips, and consumer advocacy. Whatever you think of the changes over the coming months, please let me know.

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