Thursday, 21 September 2006

ICANN's President tells Congress, "We have an established system for review"

Kieren McCarthy, journalist and candidate for the ICANN Board of Directors, has the story on today’s U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee hearing on ICANN Internet Governance: Is It Working? .

[ICANN President Paul] Twomey has also done a summary of his testimony yesterday, but with some interesting additions: a stress on the number of public comments that ICANN has received; a stress on how ICANN is evolving and changing its consistuencies; and a stress on the review process. Somewhat laughably though, he pointed to the non-use of the arbitration review as an indication that everyone was happy, when the reality is that ICANN has done everything its power to make this review impossible to start off. Just ask Edward Hasbrouck.

Twomey desperately skirted questions about transparency and feedback….

Some good discussion about the appeals process. Twomey tries to paint a picture of Ombudsman, Independent Review, but is forced to admit there has never been an appeal…. I may MP3 this.

Here we go - an MP3 of the most interesting part of the whole hearing about the ICANN Appeals process.

For the record, the last communication I’ve had from anyone at ICANN concerning my outstanding request for independent review was General Counsel and Corporate Secretary John Jeffrey’s promise to me by e-mail on 24 April 2006, almost five months ago, “We will immediately check on the response that you report to have received from ICDR…. We will do everything that we can to facilitate your submission of an IRP to the ICDR.”

One thing they could do is to stop ignoring me.

Link | Posted by Edward on Thursday, 21 September 2006, 16:34 ( 4:34 PM)


You really should start up again. Twomey was specifically questioned several times about the appeals process and he painted it as ready-to-go.

So do it. Let's see the new style open ICANN in action. In fact, continuing the appeal and also taking out an appeal over whether ICANN has followed its rules would give both it and you a chance to clarify the process.


Posted by: Kieren, 21 September 2006, 23:18 (11:18 PM)
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