Tuesday, 23 January 2007

New USA passport rules frustrate last-minute travellers

Effective today, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requires passports for all air travel between the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Today the New York Times reports on the problems the new rules has caused for would-be last-minute travellers from the USA, especially business travellers, who find out they need to travel too late to obtain a passport by mail, and thus have to apply in person at a U.S. State Department Passport Office or through a commercial passport and visa expediting service. The numbers of last-minute applicants have exceeded the capacity of the Passport Service, frustrating travellers and causing some of them to lose potential business.

[Canadians travel to the USA more than U.S. citizens travel to Canada. The backlogs and delays have been even more severe at passport issuance offices in Canada, although that wasn’t mentioned in the New York Times story.]

This is exactly what I predicted in comments filed with the DHS and the State Department by the Identity Project when these new WHTI rules were proposed last year.

In its assessment of the cost burden of the proposed rules, the DHS and the State Department considered only regular passport applications (supposedly six to eight weeks processing time, although I recently heard from someone who received their passport more than five months after they applied) and expedited two-week service by mail. They made no mention of what happens when a psasport is needed in less than two weeks.

In our comments, the Identity Project pointed out this omission, and gave a detailed breakdown of the escalating costs of obtaining a passport more quickly, as well as of the consequential costs of trips that would be impossible because a passport couldn’t be obtained quickly enough.

The DHS dismissed our comments out of hand, in a response to comments published in the Federal Register in November along with the final rule that goes into effect today:


One commenter argued that the cost to obtain a passport is significantly underestimated because the time estimated to obtain a passport is too low.


We appreciate this comment and the detail that accompanied the estimate provided in the comment. However, the commenter presented an estimate that was overly pessimistic and represented an absolute ‘worst-case’ scenario that would rarely, if ever, be realized.

The final WHTI cost assessment continued to ignore any of the implications of passports applied for in person or needed in less than two weeks.

As today’s story in the Times shows, the “worst-case scenario” we predicted has already been realized, even before the new rules have taken effect.

Link | Posted by Edward on Tuesday, 23 January 2007, 07:47 ( 7:47 AM)

is it possible for to get your passport within a month?

Posted by: JAMES Ochamgiu, 7 May 2007, 01:26 ( 1:26 AM)

Send me more information about the cost of passort and visa then am interested in a diplomatic passport.
Can i inlude my wife in my passport? For period of one year.I need the passportthis month to participate in the activities of G8 in Germany next month.

Posted by: James Bill Ochamgiu, 26 May 2007, 01:12 ( 1:12 AM)

When driving to and from Canada, when
is a passport required?
M. Frag

Posted by: M. Frag, 12 June 2007, 13:09 ( 1:09 PM)

i think they're just tightening security issues

Posted by: passport in detroit, 23 October 2008, 14:45 ( 2:45 PM)

can i get an American passport i want travel what is the current policy and the price for an Amrican passport what duration does it take to acquire one

Posted by: James Bill Ochamgiu, 1 September 2009, 05:09 ( 5:09 AM)
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