Friday, 27 April 2007

Identity Project comments on European Union CRS regulations

I've mentioned previously that the European Commission has been conducting a public consultation on whether to revise or entirely repeal the European Union's Code of Conduct for Computerized Reservation Systems (CRS's).

Because there are no similar rules in any other jursidiction, but all the major CRS's do business in the EU, the EU Code of Conduct for CRS's currently sets the global standard for legal protection of personal information contained in passenger name records (travel reservations).

Today the Identity Project filed comments with the European Commission, explaining why the privacy provisions of the Code of Conduct for CRS's should be retained, strengthened, and enforced -- not repealed.

I'll keep you posted as I learn of any developments. There's no publicly-disclosed calendar for the "consultation" or review of the regulations, and no particular deadline for the Commission to publish or act on the public comments.

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