Sunday, 12 August 2007

ICAO schedules next workshop on RFID passports and biometrics

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has scheduled its third annual symposium on biometrics and RFID chips in passports for 1-3 October 2007 at ICAO headquarters in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

ICAO has also posted the latest report of its technical advisory group (TAG) on machine readable travel documents (MRTD’s), including a list of the participants in the most recent invitation-only closed-door meetings of the MRTD TAG in Montréal in March.

Unfortunately, none of the participants in the working group had expertise primarily in privacy, civil liberties, or human rights, and none of them included any representatives of government agnecies or NGO’s concerned with these issues.

It’s especially disappointing that the office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, ICAO’s host, has never particpated in an ICAO meeting. One of the Privacy Commissioner’s most importnat priorities should be helping represent the privacy community as part of Canada’s national delegations to Canada-based international organizations like ICAO. I hope that in the future, the Privacy Commissioenr will insist on inclusion of herself or members of her staff both in Canadian delegations to ICAO plenaries and in ICAO technical and working groups.

[Addendum: By coincidence, the ICAO workshop is in the same city as, and immediately follows, the International Conference of Data Protection Commissioner and Privacy Commissioners to be held in Montréal from 25-28 September 2007. If they are serious about their jobs, as many as possible of the national privacy officers and their staff members should seek accreditation as part of their governments’ delegations to ICAO, stay for its workshop, and remian involved in ICAO technical and working groups.]

The winner of a 2007 “Big Brother Award” for privacy invasion, ICAO has been delegated authority to set requirements for travel documents (passports and other ID credentials) on behalf of the USA government, usurping the authority of Congress.

I found ICAO’s 2006 symposium on MRTD’s fascinating and horrifying . I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it this year, but it promises to be an equally important event in the evolution of global system of permission-based checkpoints, credentials, and lifetime government and travel industry surveillance and monitoring of our movements.

Link | Posted by Edward on Sunday, 12 August 2007, 14:25 ( 2:25 PM)

Can any one read The Data in The MRTD's Chip By
useing Reader Machine Whin The E.Passport is CLOSED (( 30 cm : 3 m )) or it's in The bage or it's OPEN (1cm) or not .?
I'm apolice man in SANA'A Airport in YEMEN
and sorry for the rong spleang Because i can't speak ENGLISH Will.?

Posted by: Mohamed Almhfadi, 18 November 2007, 08:25 ( 8:25 AM)
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