Monday, 22 September 2008

New look

Yes, that's a new picture of yours truly in the sidebar -- a few years older than the last one, and with a lot less hair, thanks to the passage of time and a series of encounters with barbers around the world with whom I had few words in common. (Don't laugh: Can you say, "Just a trim, please," in Arabic?) It will grow back, but in the meantime, I figured you deserved something a little closer to my current appearance. I've posted a few other portraits from the last year; if you've got a strong opinion as to which do (or don't) belong on my home page, please let me know.

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Actually, Edward, you look great and the shorter the beard, the better you look. I'm now 56 and look like hell, so maybe you will outdo me in a few years. Welcome back. Let's do dinner sometime.


Posted by: Carl Parkes, 23 September 2008, 15:15 ( 3:15 PM)
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