Tuesday, 28 October 2008

"The Practical Nomad" in National Geographic magazines

Exit Strategy: Why You Need a Real Vacation

(by Holly Morris, "National Geographic Adventure", November 2008):

Q. I've been at a desk job for eight years and need a change. I want to break away and explore the world but don't know where to start.

A. Life is meant to be more than a string of brutally long, ergonomically disastrous days. The potent form of liberation I recommend? Leave. Restore your sense of direction by taking a sabbatical, a retreat, or a true pilgrimage. Getting away in a big way, for a long time, is an age-old component of a fully realized life....

If brass tacks are needed to nudge you off the cliff, consult The Practical Nomad by Edward Hasbrouck or peruse Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Travel Forum online community. Bottom line: As long as your departure doesn't financially or emotionally cripple any dependents, point toward the unknown and jump.

"Big Brother: Getting Bigger"

(by John Rosenthal, "National Geographic Traveler", July/August 2008):

The latest assault on the freedom to travel is a TSA program known as Secure Flight ....

"We don't know what rules TSA will follow or whether it is following them or not, because it won't tell us what they are, says Edward Hasbrouck, a consultant to the Identity Project , a nonporfit dedicated to civil liberties issues. The TSA's Payne refuses to divulge any details about the watch lists, claiming they are "sensitive security information."...

TSA has spent four years and hundreds of millions of dollars developing the program, but has been unable to devise a system that doesn't violate the 1974 Privacy Act, says Hasbrouck. TSA had hoped to implement Secure Flight as early as April 2005, but Congress has repeatedly sent it back to the drawing board because of privacy concerns....

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